Deck the Halls: Exterior Edition

by Lauren Caggiano

Getting your living room ready for the holiday season is fun, but why not extend the fun to your exterior? If you have a front porch or stoop of some variety, you’re in business. Here are a few ideas to trim your outside real estate with holiday cheer:

Make a Scene

It’s always nice to approach a home that has an Instagram-worthy seasonal display in front. Want to know a secret? You don’t have to spend a lot or time or money making a creative conversation piece.

Some ideas? A rustic-looking rocking chair with a cozy blanket draped over it. A vintage sled and ice-skates. A lantern filled with ornaments and adorned with greenery. Or maybe a retro wagon with faux presents inside. Such aesthetic additions will set the tone for what’s to come inside.

Go Green

‘Tis the season to decorate with all things green, literally. Think wreaths, garlands, a mini (faux) tree, and the like. You might not associate winter with plants but adding some to your entrance can add some vibrancy to your residence before guests even walk in. Goodbye, winter blues!

Think Different

Who says you have to decorate with the traditional red and green? (Boring!) Interior designers tend to think outside the box, and so should you. Soft blues, neutral color palettes and of course metallics like silver and gold can really draw the eye in. The rules are meant to be broken, after all! It’s 2020, anything goes!

Think Beyond Christmas

While Santa, reindeers, angels and other Christmas imagery is quaint, you might want to think bigger in terms of ROI. For instance, if you create a general winter scene, you can leave it up for longer without it looking stale. You might as well get the most mileage out of your efforts!

Be Bold

Who’s to say you can’t bring your ornaments outside? For instance, you could affix shatter-proof ornaments to your porch overhang. String lights will also create a magical Christmas feeling. Or better yet, (if spaces allows), put up a second Christmas tree outside and watch your guests ooh and ahh when they approach your display. Complete the look off with a stocking on the door.

Keep it Simple

Small space or not one for a lot of drama? No problem. Pick one statement item to use as your centerpiece and other elements can be subdued or more refined. Less can be more in this context, especially if you already have an eye-catching front door color.

Embrace Texture

A porch (or any space) is striking when you play with elements like color, shapes and texture. You can have some fun with the latter by pulling in a fun chunky doormat, outdoor rug, throw blanket, and even pillows. Choose a mat that is sturdy to stand up to traffic but is attractive and fits your theme.

Let There be Light

String lights aren’t the only option when it comes to illumination. LED candles and lanterns get the job done, too.

These ideas are sure to capture attention. Remember, the best holiday display is the one you like. So make some hot cocoa (and maybe a dessert) and let the fun begin!


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