Pinterest-Worthy Holiday Dessert Recipes

by Lauren Caggiano

Holidays call for celebration. And even if this year’s festivities look different than in year’s past, you can still pull in some of the seasonal comforts to create some semblance of normalcy. Hint: Food is a must. Scratch that...desserts are a must! Maybe you have a tried-and-true family recipe passed down the generations. Or maybe you’re looking to experiment and need some inspiration. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here are a few dessert ideas, categorized by type:


GettyImages-1139165630Versatile and chock full of nutrients, pumpkin is a go-to ingredient for fall dishes. This Ultimate Pumpkin Pie recipe certainly delivers in terms of flavor. It’s so good your friends and family will want the recipe.

 Another hearty staple, sweet potatoes add a dimension to sweets. This sweet potato pie recipe uses fresh ingredients to create a rich flavor profile.

 Craving something salty and sweet? Look no further than this salted caramel pie recipe. And the best part? You can do part of the prep a few days before you actually bake.


GettyImages-1173284768Why use ready-to-bake dough when you can make these rolled sugar cookies from scratch in no time at all?

 Any chocoholics out there? This cookie recipe will scratch that itch. But these chocolate diablo cookies are not ordinary— this one has spices to take this treat to the next level.

 Speaking of chocolate, this plant-based chocolate cookie recipe is sure to be a hit among the vegan crowd. Yes, you can have your sweets and save the animals at the same time.


GettyImages-1165772713 Up for a challenge in the kitchen? This multi-dimensional chocolate cake recipe is as tasty as it is Instagram-worthy. Plus, it yields enough for 25 servings, so you’ll have leftovers to savor at another time.

 This holiday spice cake is rich and the Buttercream icing is well, the icing on the cake. And the best part? You can make it under two hours, which makes it ideal if you don’t have the luxury of waiting for a cake to set overnight.

 You can thank the French for this delicacy. The Bûche de Noël cake is steeped in tradition and you can create your own by trying your hand at this yule-logged shaped dessert.


GettyImages-688453996 This cream cheese pumpkin bar recipe from Food & Wine is no joke. Cream cheese, pumpkin and a graham cracker crust create a symphony of flavor in your mouth. Yum!

 Looking for something low impact? These holiday swirl bars are tasty and don’t require much prep. Pillsbury sugar cookie dough provides the base for this minty goodness.

 These holiday seven-layer bars can take your holiday dessert game to the new heights. ingredients like chocolate, caramel, fruit and nuts.


GettyImages-530200167 Egg nog. You either love it or hate it. If you’re in the former camp, this egg nog pudding recipe is for you. The individual servings look so festive yet come together quite easily.

As the name suggests, bread pudding is far from light fare. Combine bread, fruit, condensed milk, butter, sugar and spices and you get this holiday bread pudding delight.

 Looking for something on the easy side? This traditional Christmas steamed plum pudding recipe will make visions of sugar plums dance in your head.

 So, there you have it. Whether it’s a house full of guests or just your immediate family, you can’t go wrong with any of these sweet endings to a holiday meal.




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