Lauren Caggiano

Lauren Caggiano

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Sep 17.2020

Mortgage Terms Explained: What is DTI?

The process of buying a home should be exciting, but it can sometimes also be a bit confusing. The terms, acronyms, and other details can be a lot to...

Sep 4.2020

Home Alone: How Long Can Your Pet Be Unattended?

Maybe you have a busy lifestyle and aren’t home a lot. That isn’t always a recipe for success when combined with having a pet. You might be wondering how...

Sep 2.2020

Fixer-Upper: Dream Home or Money Pit?

The residential real estate market is hot, which can be good news for sellers but harder for some aspiring buyers, due to limited inventory in a lot of...

Aug 18.2020

Dollars and Sense: Understanding PMI

When you prepare to buy a home, it’s important to look at all of the costs. As it’s likely the most significant investment you’ll make in a lifetime, you...

Aug 11.2020

Home Sweet Homes: International Edition

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said it best when she stated, “there’s no place like home.”

 When you hear the word “house” what comes to mind? If you’re in...

Aug 3.2020

Money, Money, Money! A Primer on Financial Security

Money can be a major source of stress at times, but it doesn’t have to bum you out. Ask yourself: are you the master of your money or is your money owning...

Jul 29.2020

Short Sale: A Short-Sighted Move?

Despite its name, a short sale has nothing to do with height. Instead, such a transaction is a means to take a property off the market quicker when the...

Jul 21.2020

#Shelfie: Pinterest-worthy shelving ideas

Whether it’s dry goods, plants, mementos or some other item, shelving can add form and function to any space. But don’t resign yourself to ordinary shelves...

Jul 17.2020

Elevate Your Glamping Experience

This isn’t your parents’ camping trip. On the contrary, glamping has elevated the whole experience and you too can join in on the fun, even if it means...

Jul 2.2020

Ready to Take the Plunge? A Basic Guide to Pools

With summer in full swing and the kids in search of something to do, a pool can be the perfect source of hours of entertainment and a means to beat the...

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