A Home Spa Day Fit for A Queen or King

by Lauren Caggiano

Stressed? Overwhelmed? It might be time for a break. This year has done a number on a lot of people’s mental health. That’s why carving out time for self-care is important now more than ever. Though, you don’t have to go to the spa to get your dose of relaxation. You can get pampered in the comfort of your home with a few elements and an open mind. 

Up Your Home Spa Game

Set the mood. You likely associate your home with work, dining, sleeping and perhaps relaxing. Sometimes the last one is an afterthought, however. You can change this by pulling in various elements that create calm and serenity. For one, you’ll want to start with a clean and tidy setting. It’s proven that clutter can cause anxiety and feeling unsettled. So, make an effort to get your home in order before you embark on your mission of R&R.

From here, you can take it a step further and really create the ideal vibe. For instance, putting the lights on a dimmer setting and using a diffuser to release scents like lavender, bergamot, and lemongrass can help in this way. The same goes for spa-like music. If you’re feeling motivated you could curate your own playlist via Spotify, Pandora or the like.

Draw a bath. Your bathtub can be a haven of rejuvenation. Think Epsom salts, bath bombs, essential oils and a candle to set the mood. Feeling extra? Brew some coffee or grab a glass of your favorite wine (or both) and decompress while soaking. Voila….instant #feelgood mood. You’ll only wish you could do this everyday.

Detox. Food has the power to heal us from the inside out if we make the right choices. Prepare a nutrient-dense meal rich in fruits, veggies, whole grains, protein and healthy fats and you’ll feel great knowing you’re feeding it the right fuel. Feeling stuck? Here are some healthy recipes to inspire you in the kitchen.

Make your own spa tea or water. By now, we’re all pretty familiar with the concept of tea as a healthy and refreshing beverage — it’s chock full of healing and anti-aging properties. That’s why spas usually have these teas on rotation for their guests. You don’t have to pay a premium for a resort experience when you can create home-made versions of infused water. Ahhhhh!

Dress for comfort. Whether it’s a plush robe, ultra-soft set of pajamas or yoga pants, you want to think comfy first and foremost. Hello, elastic! After all, no one feels good wearing something that cramps their style.

Level up your facial game. You probably have a good amount of ingredients in your fridge and pantry that can be used to create facials and get your glow on. Start by assessing your skin’s condition and needs. Is it oily? Dry? A combination? You can find a wealth of home-made skincare treatments online to show your skin some love.

Treat yo’self! You’re so worth it.


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