Deck the Halls Inside and Out

by Lauren Caggiano

Christmas is nearly here, which means it’s time to “deck the halls” inside and out. While decor is certainly personal, there are a few trends to take into account as you get in the decorating spirit. 

Color Me Pretty


Why resort to dull shades of traditional red and green for Christmas color pairs when you can think outside of the box? Earth tones, like browns, can be pulled in for variety. Mint green, which is trending this year, is another statement color that can be both understated and bold. You might consider using coral, the color of the year, as an accent. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color outside, too. To maximize visual appeal, you might look to deep burgundy, navy blue, neutral greys, and metallic tones. 

Go Natural


The rustic look is here to stay; it seems. Any way you can bring Mother Nature inside is sure to make an impression. For example, pinecones and eucalyptus can be used alone or together to create a stunning combination. Whether used in wreaths or ornaments, you can’t go wrong with evoking a rustic feel. 

A moss wreath on the front door can be a decorative touch that’s classic and elegant. You might consider a square shape to mix things up. To create these, you'll need square wreath forms, bagged moss, ribbon, and about three hours.

You might also consider creating a more inviting entryway with potted evergreens — think juniper and cypress bushes. Take it to the next level by placing them in galvanized metal buckets and decorating them with a burlap ribbon.

Think Lush


Texture is a great way to add a dynamic look and feel to any room. Depending on personal preference, you might look to incorporating fluffy and elegant fleeces like sheepskin (or faux versions) or a more cushy, velvety look. Your house will look like something out of a magazine!

Experiment with Art Deco


As we prepare to enter the next decade, it seems appropriate to harken back to the days of the Roaring 20s. This was a time of elegance and prosperity, and it was reflected in the decor. Think everything gold and motifs such as peacock feathers and pearls. So, as you decorate inside and out, channel the spirit of the 1920s when everything was over the top. In other words, this is the occasion to be a little “extra.”

After decorating, the only thing left to do is prepare for Santa’s arrival



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