Shut the Front Door! What Your Color Choice Says About You

By Lauren Caggiano on April, 6 2018
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Lauren Caggiano

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Your front door packs a major punch when it comes to first impressions. Ever heard of curb appeal? Yea, it’s a real thing and matters. Just like your home’s architecture, the paint color is more than just an aesthetic choice. It can provide a window (er, door?) into your personality. Here’s what your shade of choice says about you:


red door

RED: Unapologetically Bold

Nothing grabs attention quite like red. There’s a reason that women choose bright red lipstick when they want to attract attention. If you gravitate towards red hues, you’re likely fiery, passionate and know what you want in life.

Red doors are very bold and look especially good on neutral houses. Consider adding red in your landscaping too, to really make it pop!

orange door

ORANGE: Outgoing

Partial to orange? You love to have a good time and you love to be the life of the party. You like to have a lot of friends who will laugh out loud with you and just enjoy life. You tend to not over-think things and friends can rely on you to be pretty easygoing.

Orange is classically mod and works well with gray and other neutral exteriors.

yellow door

YELLOW: Cheerful

You are sunshine incarnate. You’ll all about finding joy in the simpler things. You aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and let people know who you are and what you stand for. People seek you out because you are so pleasant to be around.

Yellow doesn’t work with just any home, as it can be too playful or loud for some. You can’t go wrong with a white exterior and a sunshine-y yellow, though.

green door

GREEN: Earthy Energy

Those who dig green tend to be down to earth and you don’t put too much stock into what others think. Your friends look to you for advice because they know you’re going to be straightforward, but at the same time empathetic.

Wanting to go green? Green plays well with brick exteriors, as red and green are complementary colors on the color wheel.

blue door

BLUE: Loyal

You’ve heard the phrase “true blue friend,” right? Blue is associated with loyalty and dedication. You put your friends and family first. You tend to be practical and averse to risk.

Choose wisely with blues. A safe bet is to go with a blue-gray shade, as it can work with almost any architecture style or material.

purple door

PURPLE: Spiritual Strength

Purple has long been the color of royalty because of its associated with strength and determination. Blue lovers never back down to a challenge and get what they want out of life. You stay strong to your standards and adhere to spiritual tenets.

If you’ve even noticed someone with hazel eyes looks amazing in purple, then you have experienced the power of this combination. Purple is a solid choice for olive or taupe exteriors.

doors (3 of 3)

PINK: Playful

This one’s for the ladies out there. You aren’t afraid to get in touch with your feminine side. You like to feel beautiful and aren’t afraid to be playfully flirty. You love to get all dolled up, even if it’s just to go to the grocery.

If you must go pink, a muted, peachy hue is striking when paired with a green exterior. Stay away from Pepto- Bismol pink, as it’s a universal turn-off.

beige door

BEIGE: Traditional

You’ve likely been accused of being boring or too traditional at times. Yet these traits are actually assets. You are smart enough to know that the best colors are classic and play well with other color elements. You’re flawless in your taste and you know that you don’t have to give into trends to create a striking look that’s perfectly “you.”

Although more of a neutral color, beige really sings with blue, brown, emerald, black, red, white.

white door

WHITE: Innocence

White can be very classy, but it also can mean innocence and new beginnings. It can also signify subtlety. You don’t have to be loud or overbearing; you just have to be you. And it works.

Contrary to intuition, white on white can work. It creates the appearance of clean lines, which has wide appeal. White also looks great on beige and darker, muted colored homes, especially if you paint your trim white as well.

black door

BLACK: Pride

If black is your go-to color, you’re the kind of person people don’t want to mess with. You are driven and you always know what you want and hit goals. You value your career and your personal image. You want to be the head cheese and you know that’s absolutely where you belong.

As The Rolling Stones once said, paint it black! Black doors pack a punch, especially when paired with yellow siding. Black doors also look great on white and gray homes. 

As you can see, color choice can send a loud and powerful message. Choosing a color is all part of the fun. Just be sure the color pairs well with the rest of the house. You don’t want your door to stick out in a bad way, after all.

If you have recently painted your front entrance, what color did you choose and why? Share in the comments!