Get In On These Memorial Day Sales

by Lauren Caggiano

Who doesn’t love a deal? Retailers are starting to promote their Memorial Day sales and that means consumers can save big if they’re willing to do some legwork. (Every dollar counts, after all.)

Around this time, many stores have massive sales and Memorial Day discounts – and they often last into early June, giving you ample time to maximize savings and value. You can find many different types of offers and discounts. Last year, before and past Memorial Day retailers discounted a wide range of goods including cars, clothing, power tools and everything in between. You can expect to find discounts up to 50 percent off, depending on where you shop.

So what’s the secret? Smart shoppers know how and when to save and that means doing some homework. Historically, mattresses, appliances, home goods, tools and spring apparel and travel are discounted this time of year, just in time for summer. On the other hand, it’s not a good time to buy summer clothes, grills, patio furniture, or consumer electronics. (Save those for late summer/early fall and your wallet will thank you.)

That said, if you make strategic decisions year-round, your bank account will benefit. We scoured the Internet to find you the best promotions, so you can save money on things you need for inside and outside the home. Here are a few of the current promotions retailers have made available:

Macy’s is running a Memorial Day on everything from towels to mattresses. The sale starts May 23, so mark your calendar.


In need of a new grill? You may be in luck. The home improvement giant is running an online sale on appliances and more now through Memorial Day.

Mattress Firm

A good night’s rest is so important. You deserve to sleep like a king or queen—and you can with this promotion from Mattress Firm! Purchase a queen for the price of a twin and a king for the price of a queen in stores, now through the end of the month.

Ethan Allen

Furniture can be pricey, but it’s necessary to make a house feel like a home. This deal from Ethan Allen (in store and online) can soften the blow. Save up to 30 percent on select items now through month’s end.

Salvation Army Stores

If you’re not opposed to second-hand items, you can score big at thrift stores. Over course inventory varies, but you can find everything from couches to toaster ovens at such places. Salvation Army Family Stores is offering 50 percent off all clothing on May 27, but you may be able to use coupons (found on their website) to get a deal on furniture, décor, and other home related items.


If you choose to shop during the Memorial Day weekend, follow these tips to get more for your money:

  • If you are buying in a store (say appliances), inquire with the sales associate about special discounts and savings. They may be willing to negotiate, and you’ll walk away with savings.
  • Read up on store credit cards. Many retailers offer special financing on furniture and major appliances, like one year without interest payments.
  • When shopping online, many retailers incentivize shoppers with free shipping or special rates at a certain dollar value. Others try to stand out with free home delivery or the option to pick up your online purchase at your nearest store. In general, choose the option that works best for you and saves you the most money.

This Memorial Day, may you maximize fun and savings at the same time!


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