Minimalist Decoration

by Jessica Brita-Segyde

 The true minimalist has little need for storage. If something isn’t useful now or in the foreseeable future, it should either be donated, gifted, upcycled or recycled. The landfill is available as a last resort. Minimalist decorating, therefore, favors pieces that stand the test of time. The following five items are great year-round options for the consumer-conscious home.

Rubber Tree

This one live plant can serve every purpose under the sun, and it barely needs any sunlight! Rubber trees live in a large pot on the floor and grow to about five feet tall indoors. Decorate yours according to the seasons and also for each Holiday. Rubber trees look elegant when strung with white twinkle lights and can also move to the back patio during summer parties.

The rubber tree plant is easy to care for. It requires watering once or twice per week and will grow best in indirect sunlight. For a more detailed tutorial on maintaining your rubber tree indoors, visit

Framed Fine Art

Fine art is an investment that never goes out of style. A well-chosen piece can stay put all year without seeming out of time or place. After years or decades of display, re-framing and/or cleaning of your artwork may be warranted, just as dining room chairs sometimes need re-upholstered. If you’re feeling whimsical during the Holidays, carefully gift wrap your fine art for a fun wall display.

Centerpiece with Vase

A well-made centerpiece can grace your dining room table 365 days a year. The trick it to include a vase or other concave opening that can hold items to represent different seasons or Holidays. Red and green glass balls during Christmas, blue and white dreidels during Chanukah, painted eggs for Easter, and a simple daisy display to represent Springtime are just a few ideas to get you started. Fresh flowers are always a beautiful option and can be composted when the turn of a season warrants new décor.

Clear glass is the obvious choice for a centerpiece vase, but you could also opt for frosted glass or any medium that suits the room. Search antique stores and estate sales for period glass. Depression-era glass offers a simple, understated beauty and 1950s glass can make a bold, colorful statement. Choose something fillable that you would also love to look at when it’s empty.

Multi-Function Furniture

The old sofa bed has come a long way. Multi-purpose furniture is more attractive (and functional!) than ever before. Options are nearly endless for chairs, loveseats, and sofas that also serve as comfortable sleeper units. Many of the other standards are going multi-function as well. Check out this coffee table on It’s a table, cooler, storage unit, Bluetooth device, charging station, and accent piece all in one.

Well-Placed Shelving

Shelving doesn’t have to hide behind closed doors. Good closet organization is still a must, but the opportunities for upward storage and showcasing don’t stop there. Look to the walls in each room for unused space. Consider a shelf where a picture now hangs. Shelves provide an easily accessible storage space while supporting the ambiance of a room. Paint shelves an accent color to complement the room’s existing palette. Rooms decorated with an industrial theme might be a good fit for metal shelving.

Quality Matters

Consider quality before making any decorating decision. Your year-round pieces are the items that will become part of your collection for the long haul, so look at them as an investment. Skimping on the change-up items is okay (like buying wrapping paper at a garage sale or picking wildflowers for free). However, your main pieces should be made and chosen with care. Minimalist decorating equals long-term decorating so treat yourself to items you can use and enjoy through the years.


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