8 Instagrammers to Follow for Interior Design Inspo

By Courtney Christensen on December, 27 2019
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Courtney Christensen

There is no better place to scroll endlessly than Instagram, especially when you're looking to get inspired. With thousands of Instagrammers posting interior design photos everyday, you certainly won't run out of ideas any time soon. 

We've compiled a list of our favorite Instagrammers known for their beautiful interior designs. Whether you've got expensive taste or are looking for budget friendly options, you'll find a new favorite among these talented people.


"Fixing up our home and two old beach houses & sharing how we save money, plan projects, DIY stuff, and eat a lot of cheese."

These instagrammers, Sherry and John of younghouselove, have advice for renovations, DIY projects, and day to day activities from cleaning to selling your home. Their modern-vintage aesthetic is trendy and gorgeous. By using pastels and stand-out and bold prints, their Insta feed is both soothing and interesting to scroll through.


"Thanks for following along as we uncover our home's potential. We hope you feel welcome and maybe find inspiration because we should all love where we live."

Check in week after week to discover something new with this couple's reno project. The cozy, family-friendly feed displays traditional home styling in white and soft neutrals. Chrislovesjulia peppers in recipes, DIYs, moodboards, and inspiration they're using to plan their next room. Fan of the paranormal? They've reported some ghostly activity in their new home as well.  


"Stay home and make something."

These two sisters share loads of arts and crafts in addition to their interior design advice. Their feed is bright and sunny--even with the holidays--and have great ideas on how to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional. They particularly focus on making spaces where they and their families can feel creative. If you're looking for family-friendly crafts and recipes with your interior design, abeautifulmess is the place to go.


"My house isn't as clean as I'd like you to think."

Carpendaughter has the most consistent Instagram feed of the ones we've talked about so far. The calming neutrals in black, white, and brown are both bold and classic. With a  focus on straight, simple lines, this is a great place to find inspiration for little touches to improve your space. 


"Authentic everyday living. Encouraging you to live an inspired life and equipping you with the resources to do so."

By sharing tips for budget friendly decorating as well as advice on when you should spring for quality over price, cynthia_harper_ is one of our favorite interior designers. One of her best features are "2 Days & $200" challenges where she redesigns a room with just $200. It's a great way to see how to make a big impact without spending a lot of money. 


"Deisgn hacks, recipes, travel tips, and the products I use on QE." 

It's our favorite Queer Eye host, Bobby Berk! We obsess over Bobby's designs on QE, and he doesn't' disappoint with his designs on Instagram, either. He also shares his favorite recipes and tales from his celebrity lifestyle on his feed. He doesn't have a consistent Instagram aesthetic, but we'll forgive him since the photos are always outstanding. 


"Spurring from a dream and a love for all things design, Anissa and Brian are building their life around making things beautiful."

These two work as a team a la Chip and Joanna Gaines to design and implement functional and beautiful spaces for their clients and themselves. They create sleek and modern spaces with flexible neutrals in brows, blacks, and blues. Housesevendesign has a little bit of everything, but by far the most content comes from showing off their projects they do for others. 


"Make life a party."

Bright, bold, and beautiful, studiodiy provides creative ways to decorate your home for the holidays as well as all year round. Her designs invite child-like energy and cheer into every room. She's unapologetic and seems to make use of every color she can. Despite that, her designs work together well, and her creations are inventive. She's sure to inspire you to use a little more color in your home.