Jessica Brita-Segyde

Jessica Brita-Segyde

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Aug 15.2019

To Buy or Build?

Depending on your perspective, these could be the best of times or the worst of times to be house-hunting. Listings are selling fast and values are trending...

Aug 9.2019

Public Schools or Private Schools: How Do You Know if You’re Making the Right Choice?

 Making a choice on behalf of someone else is a huge responsibility. If you have children or other dependents in your charge, selecting a school (or...

Jul 25.2019

Adulting 101: Roth versus Traditional IRA’s

Is it time to start thinking about retirement? Yes. In fact, the sooner you start planning your retirement, the easier and more “automatic” it becomes....

Jul 12.2019

Mortgage Payment Breakdown

The mortgage payment. It’s a sign of adulthood, so if you have one – good for you! If you’re in the market for one, get ready to experience a new kind of...

Jun 7.2019

Urban Living: Walkable Cities of Any Size

Do you want to live somewhere walkable? Or rollable, depending on your method of transport? Walkability is a concept that’s gaining in momentum, and for...

Jun 6.2019

Rate/Term Refinance versus Cash-out Refinance

Two basic home refinance options exist in today’s marketplace: Rate/Term and Cash-out. Of course, within each of those options a bevy of sub-options...

May 23.2019

Should You Buy a Home Before Or After Marriage?

You have two big contracts to sign. One says you’ll stay with the same person and the other one says you’ll stay in the same place. So which comes first:...

May 8.2019

Choosing the Right Lender is More Than Just A Good Rate

For most borrowers, your home is your biggest investment. According to the Federal Reserve’s statistical accounting release, the amount of net worth that...

May 3.2019

Marketing for Home Sellers

The term “seller’s market” is all over social media these days. Favorable interest rates and an influx of millennial buyers have created demand for houses...

Apr 25.2019

Grow Your Own Food

Food is life. Growing your own food is empowering. You can start big or small – anywhere from a few ingredients to total self-sufficiency. You get to choose...

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