Jessica Brita-Segyde

Jessica Brita-Segyde

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Jul 6.2020

How to Buy a Home at Auction

For seasoned and savvy buyers, purchasing a home at auction can be an easy way to a good investment. Buyers beware, though, as these types of properties...

Jun 30.2020

3 Things You Should Do NOW to Start Getting Ahead Financially

Getting ahead financially may not be the easy road, but it’s a road you can take right now. Start putting one foot in front of the other today on the road...

Jun 24.2020

How to Sell A House When You’re Overseas

Selling a home when you’re physically outside of the country can feel overwhelming, and for good reason. Any home sale involves many moving parts and if...

Jun 9.2020

What are SAH Grants? Mortgage Terms Explained

SAH stands for “Specially Adapted Housing.” SAH grants are offered by the United States Veterans’ Affairs Administration (VA) to certain eligible home...

May 14.2020

When I Buy New Construction, Do I Need An Agent?

The new construction process is no less complicated than an existing home purchase. There will be a buyer, a seller, title insurance, a mortgage, an...

Apr 30.2020

Reverse Mortgage: Loan Explained

The reverse mortgage is perhaps the most misunderstood home loan of them all. In the past, reverse mortgages have carried an unfortunate stigma associated...

Apr 24.2020

The Best Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Garden

Does your garden have a pest problem? Pesky intruders can come at your flowers and vegetables from all angles. Land, air, and subterranean infestations...

Apr 14.2020

Explained: Rate/Term Refinance

Homeowners refinance their mortgages for a variety of reasons, and this is why loans have a variety of names. When your lender calls a loan a “rate/term...

Apr 2.2020

Mistakes First-Time Homebuyers Make 

First-time homeowners are bound to run into issues they didn't expect, but that doesn't mean they're unavoidable. We've put together seven common mistakes...

Mar 19.2020

Plants that are Really Hard to Kill

Do you have a knack for killing houseplants? Does your lawn look like a post-apocalyptic dry zone complete with dead grass and holes where the flowers used...

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