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Make Your House a Home: Tips Based on Your Personality Type

Written by Tonya Dove | October 9, 2018

Regardless if you find great value in personality assessments like the famous Myers-Briggs indicator, believe them to be old-fashioned rubbish, or have never heard of these tests, we're sure you'll agree that there are a wide variety of characters that share this big world we're in—some you understand and some that leave you baffled. 


Another thing most of us agree on? We each want a house the feels like home—TO US. Read on to learn what your personality says about you, and use these valuable tips to create your happy place! 


Before we get started, if you don't yet know your personality type (or need a refresher), you can TAKE THE TEST NOW


You'll be able to discover your type according to Myers-Briggs, as well as gain insight on the traits commonly associated with your type and how you can relate better with others that feel and think differently from you.


Besides a great tool for helping you get your home organized, personality tests have been widely used for relationship building at home and work, academic and career planning, and to better understand how we (and others in our lives) absorb and relate to the world around us.


Now that you know your personality type, let's jump into these helpful suggestions and resources, to help you get the most out of your home and your time there. Read about all 16 types below, or click on yours now!







ISTJ - Inspector & Logistician

You're practical, dedicated and value tradition, you enjoy putting your time and energy towards completing tasks that matter to you. So, drop your trusted playbook, keep an open mind, and try a few new tricks to create a comfortable, relaxing (and yes, organized) home.  


Organizing/Cleaning -  When deciding what to pitch or keep, consider which items you find truly useful to you and your household goals, and strive for simplicity. Keep a checklist, spreadsheet, or use an app like Tody to prioritize your to-do list and don't wait until everything is checked off before giving yourself some kudos for your hard work. 


Decorating - Create a peaceful and functional space dedicated to productivity. Here are great Decorating for the Duty Fulfiller tips to help you create security, use clean lines for symmetry, and find more time for your family.


Cooking - Do you prefer to have planned meal times but feel it's easy for you to get stuck in a rut when it comes to what you serve? There's a variety of fun websites and apps like Yummly that help you with meal planning, while making new recipes readily available.


Entertaining - You value relationships, but often feel drained in a 'party' situation. Instead of getting overwhelmed with a huge group in your house, split up your time in a way you'll enjoy by inviting a friend or two over for a coffee date to catch up and show off your newly organized space. Want to try something new? Set up a Coffee Bar!


ESTJ - Supervisor & Executive

Organizing people, things and the community around you, is what you're best known for, not to mention you're always up for a challenging project. Learn how to overcome your stubborn streak and use these tips to adopt a little more flexibility into your routine to create an atmosphere you'll love.


Organizing/Cleaning - You're busy, so make use of baskets and "drop zones" in heavy traffic areas in your home for items you use often. Pinterest is a great resource for Drop Zone Organization ideas!


Decorating - Family is important to you, so proudly display photos and keepsakes in a 'no-fuss' way—because who likes to dust? Shutterfly put together 85 Creative Gallery Wall Ideas and you'll love them!


Cooking - It's likely that you're at home in a calm, organized kitchen, so you've most likely created good cooking habits. If you want to try something new to help with your busy schedule, consider a meal-kit delivery service. researched and compared 13 sites for you.


Entertaining - You enjoy planning social events, but usually enjoy hanging out with a group you know well, over strangers. If you're an ESTJ that likes to be active consider throwing a backyard party for your favorite peeps! Not that you need help planning, but here are some Fabulous Ideas for Fall Party Themes.


ISFJ - Protector & Defender

You pride yourself in taking care of your home, your yard and those you care about. You're known for being imaginative, observant, and hard-working, so pull from all of your strengths to create the nirvana you long for.


Organizing/Cleaning -  You already hold a great deal of value in keeping a clean and tidy home, paying special attention to making it comfortable for those in it. Need suggestions to keep from getting overwhelmed? Rather than procrastinating, enlist the help of others and include small tasks to complete during the week like cleaning the floors to reduce stress. As you probably have perfectionist tendencies, delegate the tasks that would not bother you if completed differently than how you'd do them - the TaskRabbit app is fantastic! For the love of all that's holy stop hoarding every little thing that may be needed in 2030! 


Decorating - Is your bedroom a peaceful place for you to re-energize?  If not, check out these 12 Elements of a Tranquil Bedroom Retreat.


Cooking - Connecting and enjoying the process is half the fun for you. Visit a small farmer's market, then bring your treasures back home to create new Fall Farmers Market Recipes with your loved ones.


Entertaining - You enjoy entertaining small groups (for small time periods) so consider inviting over a couple of friends or families members to play a few hands of cards or even throw an old school fondue party! In a pinch when having impromptu guests over don’t worry about the clutter as much as running the vacuum and wiping down surfaces. This is a quick fix they’ll appreciate. Last minute guests don’t mind a little clutter most of the time but may be concerned about dirty surfaces.


ESFJ - Provider & Supporter

At their hearts, ESFJ personalities are social creatures that love supporting and keeping up with their friends and family. You love being on the go and taking in all life has to offer, which is a good reason to create a relaxing space at home that is more about who you are, rather than just keeping up with the Jones's.


Organizing/Cleaning - You love to work with people and make an event of everything you do. So how about making a fun cleaning play list? Call in the recruits, and have a great time while each person organizes their own space. Time to get your own master closet organized? Keep it simple and de-clutter by implementing pre-made organizers from your local hardware store.


Decorating - You love to entertain, so take a little time to making your dining room or eat-in kitchen a place you and your friends love hanging out. Add a variety of lighting to create whatever mood fits your event and follow these How to Light a Dining Room tips, as well as 5 Stylish Dining Room Ideas Perfect for Entertaining to create a space you're sure to be proud of.


Cooking - Do you have your pantry and fridge filled at all times, just so you're stocked if someone swings by? It's great to be prepared with your trusty go-to recipes, but keep the mix fun by adding some of these Easy Recipes That Everyone Loves to your repertoire.


Entertaining - You're meticulous at details, right down to every line on your planning spreadsheet, and hosting a party is no exception. You've got the energy, creativity and thoughtfulness to create an elaborate themed party that is sure to please all of your guests. Here's 20 Fun and Creative Fall Party Ideas to get you started.




ISTP - Crafter & Virtuoso

This personality type usually loves projects, from building useful items to creating whimsical art! Don't let your tendency to procrastinate and get sidetracked keep you from getting the most out of your home. Use your creativity and ability to see outside-of-the-box to your advantage.


Organizing/Cleaning -  Create a calendar with small, quick, and easy to manage tasks, to help stay focused. Ditch the clutter and the need to save things "just in case." Consider putting together a variety of shelving or other long term solutions to display items by type/use to help keep important items accessible when you move on to your next big idea! Your philosophy is A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place.


Decorating - If you've not already, try your hand at a few DIY projects like painting your kitchen cabinets or refurbishing old furniture to make a fun and updated look. Start with these 18 Unbelievably Cheap but Awesome DIY Home Decor Projects to take your game up another level.


Cooking - Although ISTPs often like routine, you'll also find joy in creating something fun and new like this Brew Your Own Kombucha kit or these Fall Food Favorites!


Entertaining - Although you may forget a few birthdays and anniversaries here and there, when you do plan a get-together, consider bringing your love of adventure together with your hands-on skills, like with these Backyard Adventures.


ESTP - Promoter & Entrepreneur

You're great at decision making, thinking of new ideas quickly, and finishing what you start. So don't let your tendency to be disorganized and impatient get in your way! You've got a knack for bold and practical ideas, so put them to use to make your house a home.


Organizing/Cleaning -  You've got a lot to do in this world, so you don't have a time to organize every nook and cranny of  your home (nor would you ever want to). Keep cleaning supplies and items you use often in quick-grab locations for those times you've found a few minutes to kick out a couple of chores. Create boxes to immediately sort paperwork and mail, or do away with them completely by paying household bills online. You'll also benefit by utilizing apps like OurHome.


Decorating - Jumping into action comes as second nature to you, so you most likely will not see the need for excessive planning. As you rarely feel the need to strictly follow style rules, follow your heart and take risks that make you feel comfortable and bring you joy. You welcome change, so you can always switch up your decor down the road with these style ideas: Here's How to Pull Off an Eclectic Decorating Style.


Cooking - Do social butterflies flock together? If not, they should. Consider inviting others over for a meal prep day. It's the best of both worlds as you'll get to socialize and work together to take care of the tedious task of preparing meals. Here's how to plan a meal prep party.


Entertaining - You're a free spirit that loves to go with the flow, but also enjoys learning new things. So how about hosting a trivia night at your home and inviting your guests to contribute to your Q & As? HGTV provided some fun tips on How to Host Trivia Night at Home.


ISFP - Composer & Adventurer

You're always ready to try new things in life, so why not in your home? Use your eye for design, love for color, and out-of-the-box imagination to create a living space that allows you to step out of the spotlight and recharge, so you can once again explore the world and push the envelope!


Organizing/Cleaning -  Love living one day at a time? Don't fret — you can overcome your propensity for clutter and move "organize your home" a little higher on your to-do list with these 7 Steps for Organizing Your Home — Without Getting Overwhelmed.


Decorating - You love to be a part of your surroundings and truly enjoy a place where you can quietly dream by yourself or enjoy a meaningful conversation. Consider expanding your living space by turning your yard into your own private oasis. You can begin by Creating a Fall Friendly Outdoor Living Space on a Budget.


Cooking - Do you love experimenting with rich new flavors and sweet treats? There's a good chance that you're already a seasoned chef. If so, you may enjoy whipping up these Petit & Artistic Desserts. If you're fairly new in the kitchen, but feel adventurous and want to try new things, download This New Cooking App is Like a Culinary GPS for Home Cooks.


Entertaining - Although an introvert, you enjoy being around people that make you feel comfortable and help bring out your fun side. Being charming comes naturally to you so your friends and family will want to come over for a visit. Why not share your adventurous side and plan a "whodunit" party? Host a Murder Mystery Party and plan a night your guests will never forget!


ESFP - Performer & Entertainer 

You make sure that life is never boring, and that includes your home. Being bold, original, and energetic (while remaining practical) are some of your many strengths, so use your keen observation skills and forward-thinking to create a fun and aesthetically pleasing home. 


Organizing/Cleaning -  Is your dry-erase calendar a couple months old? Probably. Unless you have something fun coming up or a particularly busy month ahead, you don’t really take time to update this on the dot. But once you do, pat yourself on the back! You love to write lists to feel organized, but don’t get bothered if you don’t accomplish everything on the list. Writing it in the first place was accomplishment enough. If you do mark everything off your list, be sure to celebrate! Need a little push to motivate yourself? Try the Cleaning Competition to Make Chores Fun (and get them done)


Decorating – You love the idea of decorating and filling your home with things that reflect your style and personality. You are drawn to décor with inspirational quotes/ sayings because they make you feel good when reading them. Since keeping focus and long term planning can be a struggle, don't bite off more than you can chew—instead choose some 2-Hour Projects.


Cooking – Some 'P's enjoy spontaneity in the kitchen, but for many ESFPs, you might not have the culinary confidence to throw out the recipe book are not the type to just throw in a pinch here or a dash there, and wouldn't even think about creating your own recipe!  No worries - there are tons of  5 Ingredient Recipes to help you fake it 'til you make it. You also feel a little lonely in the kitchen, so invite a friend or your child, or your significant other to help out and you will feel much more at home!


Entertaining – When entertaining, you want to make sure everything looks good and that everyone is having a great time! You will pull out your nice dishes and try to make snacks or a meal that everyone will love! Consider hosting a game night with party games that will please everyone and leave them rolling in laughter! Here are 50 Fun and Crazy Family Games to get you started.




INFP - Healer & Mediator

You enjoy spending time exploring your own ideas and you revel in the possibilities. Don't neglect the day-to-day tasks and get behind. Use your creativity, intuition, and energy to create an authentic style all your own — make your house a home.


Organizing/Cleaning - You may not always be practical, but you are dedicated and a hard-worker. You may find it helpful to text or email yourself reminders, and that's okay! Since you love learning new things, how about stepping up your game with an Evernote Organizing App? Be sure not to spread yourself thin...keep a focus and take baby steps to reach a small goal. Start with these 10 Painless Ways to Change Your Messy, Messy Habits.


Decorating - You are a very artistic and tactile person, so create an experience for yourself. Feel free to be colorful and a little quirky! And why not start with the front of your home? Create an entry way you love walking through. No foyer? No problem! Here's How to Fake It to get the fun eclectic look you want.


Cooking - Most likely you're not into big elaborate recipes or meal planning in general, and heaven knows you love food that makes you feel good. No need to stress (or skip meals) when there are Quick & Easy Comfort Food Recipes to help get your belly full and get you back to the things that are important to you.


Entertaining - You're know for being a great listener and love the arts. Invite a friend over and pick a couple of these Insanely Easy and Clever DIY Projects to make together.


ENFP - Champion & Campaigner

You're charming, eclectic and love to come up with ideas to bring everything together, so why not do the same with your home? Don't overthink it, simply use your creativity (and take advantage of those random bursts of energy) to create a home you'll be excited to relax in after your adventures.


Organizing/Cleaning -  You are the ruler of the organized mess. Everything may not be “put away” but you know where it is (no matter what anyone else thinks). You probably get frustrated when somebody cleans up your space and organizes your things in a way that makes sense to them...because then you can’t find it! Make it fun—visit a flea market and find vintage pieces to re-purpose into Creative Storage.


Decorating – You have a very eclectic style and love making your own decorations, especially turning something old into something fun and new (even if they don't always get finished)! Clearance racks, thrift stores, and antique malls are your go-to spots for finding unique pieces and saving a few bucks. Here are 15 Upcycled Decor Ideas to Try ASAP.


Cooking – You don't always like to cook, but you can find the fun in almost everything (until it's time to clean things up)! Let your creative spirit shine...even in the kitchen. Most people make grilled cheese the traditional way: butter, two slices of bread, with sliced cheese in the middle. That's not good enough for your unconventional taste buds, so get out your griddle and try these 9 Gourmet Grilled Cheese Recipes That Are Totally Easy to Make. While you're at it, here are the 25 Most Amazing Tomato Soup Recipes of All Time although, you could surely come up with your own concoction to add to the list!


Entertaining –  You love a great party night with all your friends complete with food, beverages, tons of conversations, and games of course! Since you're usually the one to plan these fun-filled events (and the more the merrier), be sure to keep your guests guessing. Check out the 10 Best Adult Party Games That'll Make Any Game Night a blast before you invite your squad over. And don't worry, the Exploding Kittens game is not really about blowing up small cuddly animals.


INFJ - Counselor & Advocate

You use your creativity, imagination, and talents to create a life of balance and purpose. And since you rarely sit idle, take time to do the same for your home and create a living space where you can relax and let off steam. 


Organizing/Cleaning -  You prefer things to be tidy and organized, like the saying, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” It's a good thing that you are master of creating a well-organized plan and sticking to it. You don't like clutter, but if you struggle getting rid of things, consider these 5 Life-Changing Lessons of KonMari Decluttering.


Decorating - INFJs like coordinating color schemes, rather than jarring, unique wall colors from room to room. Rather than over-the-top decorations, you'll feel more at home with simple elegance. You also prefer open floor plans because you like the wide open spaces and being able to see and engage with others while in various parts of the house. 7 Design-Savvy Ideas for Open Floor Plans provides great ideas to help you find your zen.


Cooking -  When it comes to cooking, you tend to follow recipes exactly as they are and like to have your necessary items out, large cleared counter space and readily available sink, before you start cooking. Save yourself some time (and stress) by prepping meal ingredients ahead of time with these 31 Crockpot Freezer Meals for Busy Weeknights and then just pour your bag-o-goodies into a slow-cooker on your way out the door!


Entertaining -  Now that you have your open space organized you're ready to use your home for a little socializing. Although you can handle a houseful of family over for a birthday party, you prefer hosting a small group of friends for a low-key evening full of great conversation. Since you don't need a lot of hype to have a good time, simply toss some BBQ on the grill and Make a Party-Ready Margarita Bar for you and your guests to chat around.


ENFJ - Teacher & Protagonist

You are confident, inspiring, and an assertive leader that can easily see the big picture and bring groups together to create win-win situations. You're empathetic, ambitious, and have the gift of understanding how things work around you, plus the ability to connect people, ideas and stuff that others often see as unrelated. Kick your habit of putting other's needs over your own to the curb for a minute and focus on making your home something YOU will enjoy, regardless if you're taking a rare moment for yourself or hosting a house full of people. 


Organizing/Cleaning - You pride yourself in organizing events in your community and helping to improve the lives of those around you. Unfortunately, you can get overwhelmed with finding time to catch your breath or organize your own thoughts, let alone clear the clutter in your home.  It's all too easy for you to ignore the housework to focus on more important things, but this can leave you overwhelmed in the long run. Consider turning your organizing projects and chores into an event (not necessarily inviting your friends over to clean out closets with you, but wouldn't that be nice). Contemplate hosting a party at your house to give yourself not only a deadline, but a reason to get excited about checking the tasks off your list. Give yourself a week, rather that pushing it off until the night before, with these Cleaning Tips for a Party-Ready House: Easy 7 Day Plan


Decorating - Don't worry about what's trending in home decorating. Focus on creating spaces that energize you, are functional, and have meaning to you —and be sure to make the most of natural light and creative light fixtures. You may find that Craftsman Style Decor, with its variety of textures, warm earth tones, and sturdy dark woods and metals, will allow you to create a balanced home. This style also lends well to allow you to display your vintage finds, tell your stories and Display Your Travel Souvenirs in a Stylish Way. Enjoy these ideas? check out these other Decorating Tips for ENFJs.


Cooking - You enjoy using food as a way to engage with others. You often love cooking for your friends or meeting up at a new restaurant. Food means a lot of things to you from comfort to celebration, but if you find it hard to take time from your busy schedule to plan and prepare the mundane weeknight meals for you and your family, look into blog sites like Mashup Mom —Real Food Meets Real Life. This blog provides free and easy weekly meal plans and even tells you where to locate each ingredient at Aldi! Another great resources is 30 Days of Soccer Night Meals: Feeding your family when you don't have time to breathe and don't miss the author's links for 10-minute Trader Joe's meals and 30 Days of Lunch box recipes for busy school mornings!


Entertaining - It's no secret that you love a good party...especially one you've planned and are hosting! You love getting people moving and mingling, so invite new friends and old to participate in a DIY Cocktail or Mocktail party. Provide your guest with a fun theme like "Cupcakes and Martini Party" or "S'mores and Hot Cocoa Bonfire", and have them bring their favorite recipe + ingredients. You'll have a blast learning to make new things over laughter and great conversation—plus you won't have to foot the entire grocery bill!



INTJ - Mastermind & Architect

You're a smart and decisive planner so fabricating a design and flow for your residence should be easy for you to tackle. Dedication and hard work is just part of who you are, but don't get held up on necessary projects due to over-analyzing. You can do anything you set your mind to, so use your ambition and strategic skills to turn your home into a place where you can unwind after a long day at work.


Organizing/Cleaning -  One thing most adults have in common is having a junk drawer in their home or garage. How many do you have? More than one or two? While you may have a habit of "hide it and forget it" when it comes to cleaning and organizing, you may find that learning a few new techniques can help the cohesion in your home. There's no need to do away with this common used space, simply make the most of them and save valuable time (and fewer headaches) looking for things when you need them. That said, here's How to Organize a Junk Drawer in 30 Minutes to help you reach your goals. While you're at it, try these 8 Steps to a Clean and Organized Garage (and only 6 are mandatory). You're meticulous and goal oriented so you'll get there in no time!


Decorating - You're not called the 'Architect' for nothing! You are both a seeker and constructor of knowledge so use both to create a comfort zone. 5 Ways to Make Your Smart Home Still Look Stylish may be a good place to start. Want to take it up a notch? Add a few sleek Tech Gadgets That Enhance Your Decor.


 Cooking - You love routine and that often includes your meal planning. If you feel stuck in a rut when it comes to incorporating new combinations of your favorite foods, there's help like 25 Healthy Lunches For People Who Hate Salads by Meal Prep on Fleek. Plus you can download a meal planning app that works best for your lifestyle.


Entertaining - You are comfortable hanging with yourself and your own hobbies, but you can use your love for learning to fit in a little social time when you're up for it. BookRiot can educate you with their tips for How to Start a Book Club That Doesn't Suck. If that's not up your alley, how about challenging a friend to a gaming night?


ENTJ - Field Marshal & Commander

 You are a confident, inspiring, and assertive leader that can easily see the big picture. You're also an energetic and efficient strategic thinker, so use your strengths, and the love of a good challenge, to bring together a household that you'll appreciate coming home to—and be sure to toss your stubborn, impatient streak in the closet so they don't hold you back from reaching your goals.


Organizing/Cleaning -  As you're normally orderly and logical, there's a good chance you find satisfaction in old-school techniques  like Organizing Your Home with Color, notes on the fridge, or monthly calendars. Tackling a weekend-long project doesn't intimidate you in the slightest, and if you live on your own, go for it! If not, be sure to take a step back from your grand plan from time to time to evaluate your progress and make adjustments as needed (and to keep from overwhelming your "home team"). Scroll through these Six Steps for Tackling the Big Projects to get you and your crew on the same page.


Decorating - You have a predisposition for strong, sophisticated, industrial style in your home. Pinterest has a plethora of Industrial Decor ideas, from simple to ambitious, to help you capture vision.


Cooking - You enjoy celebrating with a luxurious meal, so set some goals, plan your menu, and pop the bubbly. Sample a few Fancy Dinner Recipes and new Decadent Dessert Recipes That'll Make You Swoon (and your guests, too)!


Entertaining - You take a leadership role in all areas of your life so use this strength to plan a fun day for you and a group of your favorite people! Since you most likely enjoy competitions and goal-oriented activities that bring everyone together, consider some of these 50 Ideas for Planning Your End-of-Season Sports Party for your team or your child's teammates. Not into sports? Here are 36 Party Ideas That Will Make Your Next Get-Together Instagram-Famous


INTP - Thinker & Logician

You have a unique perspective on life and are not one to follow rules or social norms. You're also a creative, inventive, out-of-the-box thinker. Second guess yourself less and don't let your fear of failure hold you back. Instead, use your complex, logical side and dynamic intellect to create an original living space you can be proud of, as well as hide in when you feel like escaping society!


Organizing - Do you have a clear idea of how you'd like your home organized, but find that you get easily distracted with tasks that don't interest you? Do you long for a space that allows you to explore your hobbies and be creative, yet also provides you that much needed personal retreat? Well, get started with creating a short, manageable to-do list and then follow the Pomodoro Technique to get through one goal at a time. If it helps you stay focused, toss on some headphones and play your favorite audiobook or podcast while you tackle organizing your 'me' space!


Decorating - You likely prefer contemporary style with cool tones and clean lines. Since you're too busy being preoccupied with the brilliant and in-depth conversations in your head and with those you choose to share your thoughts with, you don't have a lot of energy to care about decorating—but don't let that stop you from getting excited about bringing some of your ideas to life. Begin with considering your options and then review INTP Decorating for the Thinker/Architect for suggestions on how to create a gallery wall with your art and much more.


Cooking - You may see mealtimes as an unwelcome interruption from whatever activity you're engrossed in at the time, so you probably alternate between forgetting to eat and snacking all day. You may even find days where you hate to cook and you're not alone. Rather than dreading having one more task to complete, you can choose to make cooking a fun part of your day by Inviting Your Kids Into The Kitchen, or making time for a mentally stimulating conversation with another adult while you prep your go-to meals.


Entertaining - There's a good chance that you find a big party draining and something you'd rather hide from in a closet than be stuck attending. You can still get a little social interaction when you feel like it without forcing yourself into an uncomfortable situation. Think of an activity you enjoy and invite a friend or small group over to join you. That could be anything from a home workout, to playing a strategic board game or even hosting a small LAN party in your house.


 ENTP - Inventor & Debater

You're smart, resourceful and unconventional. You get bored with routine and at times lose focus, but you have all the tools you need to imagine and make a home that you're excited to come home to. Grab your crew and have a fun time brainstorming the possibilities.


Organizing/Cleaning -  Solving challenging problems comes easy to you, and you're most likely fairly organized to begin with. Your struggle may come more from chores you're not interested in or forgetting those tasks all together. Colorful post-it note reminders may work to help keep you on track. You're great at coming up with new systems and ideas, so take your game plan up a notch and by all means, bring in a teammate that's good with execution and follow through. Going in solo? Be sure to give yourself a firm deadline for each task and stick to it. Here's an interesting take on Organizing Tips for ENTPs using a dining room as an example.


Decorating - Step out of the norm and create a couple eclectic spaces that you can change out quickly and easily depending on your mood, the season, or just because you feel like it. Get inspired by flipping through these 5 Ways to Style Your Home With Items You Already Have.


Cooking - You enjoy the social aspect of sharing food with your friends and family. Want to try something a little different? Assign others a dinner course and have them bring their ingredients to your house and enjoy the time catching up while you all learn some new recipes. The Kitchn website details some of the Best Tips for Cooking Together Without Stirring Up Trouble and they remembered to add wine to their list!


Entertaining - You like experiencing new things, having a great time, and even meeting new people. Expand your inner circle by Hosting Your Own Cooking Contest for your neighborhood or plan a Wine & Paint Party in your home and ask each of your guests to bring a friend.



Hopefully you found this information entertaining and useful. At Ruoff, we pride ourselves in not only helping you buy the home of your dreams, but more importantly, we want to provide resources so you can get the most out of your experience as a homeowner.


Information about the official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator lives at and is managed by the publisher of the MBTI personality assessment, CPP–The Myers-Briggs Company.


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