Halloween Decor on a Budget

By Ashley Wirgau on October, 22 2021
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Ashley Wirgau

October has arrived, and with it comes all things spooky and pumpkin-spiced – but those things tend to have a price tag, and it can be a pretty steep one. Save those dollars for investments that last longer than a single season because Halloween décor doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little creativity and some everyday items, you can turn boring into boo-tiful!

Use What You Have

Take a look around your house before rushing off to the store in search of ceramic pumpkins and gauzy ghouls. Sometimes commonplace items are just what you need to create a creepy scene or cutesy holiday corner.

First, seek out anything that matches your desired color scheme. Feeling fall-inspired? Select hues of gold, rust and ruby. Leaning more toward creepy? White, gray and shades of green might be a better fit. Always the traditionalist? Dig up anything you own in the standard orange and black. Linens, dishes, candles, frames, blankets and throw pillows. Pull out and rearrange the items that fit the theme and store your everyday décor for the rest of the year.

Fill black or white bowls with candy corn, rewrite your chalkboards to display spooky greetings, and fill vases with spray-painted sticks to match the palette. Candle collections arranged in the right way can make any space feel like Halloween, and don’t be afraid to mix and match. Pair tall tapers next to squatty pillars, and fill empty spaces with tiny tea lights to illuminate the night. Christmas lights can work double time in October, too. Green, white or gold twinkle lights go well with any fall scene, while a string of red ones takes the scare factor up a notch.

Let’s Get Crafty

If you fancy yourself the crafty type, there are even more inexpensive decoration ideas right at your fingertips. For starters, try your hand at these DIY adorable ghosts. Quick to assemble and super affordable, these ghosts can be hung outside or in. Add to them a collection of cardstock bats, and your job is complete! If you want to take it just a little darker, explore some Halloween headstones. Although a tad more time-intensive, the end result is truly terrifying. To make things easier, Lowe’s has outlined each step to turn your front yard into a cemetery this holiday.

There is really no end to the possibilities when it comes to create-it-yourself creepiness. The Huffington Post put in the work and collected 39 Halloween Decorations Made from Things Laying Around Your House for inspiration. Just one or two of these homemade creations will transform your house into a Halloween haven for next to nothing.

Never Underestimate the Dollar Store

Finally, if you find yourself with few options at home and no creative touch, the neighborhood dollar store likely has everything you need this October. Known for its inexpensive fare, these one-stop retail shops are an absolute treasure when searching for cheap seasonal décor. The Dollar Tree has the hook-up for all things Halloween and Family Dollar offers a wide selection of fall favorites, as well. One quick stroll through either will get you stocked up this season for way less than you would spend at a pricier home goods or department store. You might also swing through the local secondhand shop as they hold a fair amount of decorative options and are amazing places to hunt for the perfect costume, as well.

Whatever you do this October, make sure not to overspend constructing that Halloween transformation. Take a moment to view those everyday items with a new eye to see what you can repurpose or explore some affordable DIY or dollar store delight. Regardless of how you pull it all together, don’t waste another minute. Halloween is right around the bend, and it doesn’t take much time or money to welcome it in spooktacular style.