Ashley Wirgau

Ashley Wirgau

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Sep 8.2020

How Big of a Mortgage Can I Get?

Once you have finally decided to take the leap into homeownership, the next logical determination is figuring out how big of a mortgage you can actually...

Aug 26.2020

What You Need to Know About Credit Utilization

When working to build your credit, it is essential to have a firm grasp of your credit utilization and how it affects your overall score. This portion of...

Aug 13.2020

5 Signs You’re Ready to Buy a House

Do you fall asleep to the soothing sounds of neighbors stomping across your ceiling? Do you find yourself lost in the fantastical dream of dozing beneath...

Jul 24.2020

Am I Buying a House Out of my Budget?

Congrats! You’ve finally found the house. Open floorplan. Walk-in closets. Beautifully landscaped gardens with an assortment of flowering annuals the...

Jul 6.2020

How to Buy a Home at Auction

For seasoned and savvy buyers, purchasing a home at auction can be an easy way to a good investment. Buyers beware, though, as these types of properties...

Jun 25.2020

How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Inspection

A home inspection is non-negotiable for buyers who are intent on peace of mind. There is no easier way to build confidence in the purchase of a new house...

Jun 15.2020

DIY Wood Furniture to Use in Your Home

With limited store hours still lingering throughout the country, hitting up your favorite furniture store to nab those missing pieces your home so...

Jun 1.2020

Explained: FHA Streamline Loan

With our country still in the midst of a pandemic and economic shut-down, those bills coming due at month’s end get a little scarier with each passing day....

May 5.2020

How to Plan a Proposal

With the rise of social media and reality television shows, marriage proposals have gone from intimate to intimidating. What once was a meaningful moment...

Apr 29.2020

How Long Should It Take to Pay Off a Mortgage?

Although it feels like it will take the rest of your life, your mortgage does actually have an end-date. That date, however faraway it might seem, will come...

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