Halloween Costumes: DIY for One to Five

By Jessica Brita-Segyde on October, 25 2019
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Jessica Brita-Segyde

It’s time to secure a Halloween costume and you should definitely do it yourself. Why? Because making your own Halloween costume shows society that you came to play this year! 

Halloween enthusiasts love seeing a homemade costume walk into the party and you’ll have something to talk about from the get-go. The DIY route also presents an opportunity for family bonding, so this blog will present five costumes you can mix and match for all ages. Make just one or dive-in headfirst and try all five!

Fall – Autumn leaves are hot-glued to an old sweatsuit for the season of Fall effect. You can even use freshly fallen leaves from your own yard for a truly eco-friendly costume!

Winter – The best way to represent the season of winter via costume is to dress in all white or to don a white/silver combo. Large silver snowflakes or Holiday ornaments can be glued to your shirt and are widely available during the month of October at stores like Menards and Big Lots (or check your attic for last year’s decorations).

Spring – A cloud or umbrella sits atop the season’s head with rain flowing down. Bright floral clothing is a plus or you could opt for all blue. The “rain” is represented with strips of iridescent blue ribbon that hang from the headpiece. Buy bulk ribbon at a craft store and cut to a length that will hang just a few inches above the ground. If you want to up the WOW! factor, glue sparkles or clear sequins to each piece of ribbon.

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Summer – October is too cold for beachwear, so the season of summer is represented as a calendar instead. Tear June, July, and August out of an old calendar and use fabric glue to attach them to the front of a shirt. Wearing all yellow to represent sunshine is the finishing touch to this costume.

The Weatherman – This is a great option for Dad if he already owns a suit. The most important accessories for this easy costume are the wearer’s tone of voice and hand motions. “The jet stream will bring in a cold front from the west…”

Choose one of the above costumes or mix and match according to the number of party-goers in your Halloween party. The four seasons plus Weatherman make a great impression at costume parties and you can DIY this look on a small budget. Happy October!