Brittany Halferty

Brittany Halferty

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Jan 9.2020

Ruoff Mortgage: Decade in Review


With the start of 2020, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the enormous growth our company has experienced in the past 10 years. While these...
Sep 25.2019

3 Ways Buying a Home is a lot Like Getting Married

Getting married is a big deal! It requires planning, has its ups and downs, and brings much joy. Much like buying a home.

Jun 18.2019

Dave Ruoff: Life, Legacy, Lessons

We mourn the loss of Ruoff Home Mortgage’s founder and namesake, David L Ruoff. Dave has been an integral part of this company since the very start. He has...

Mar 25.2019

The Fantastic Five: Ruoff Owensboro

The Owensboro came from very humble beginnings and though their success is growing, they have had to work hard to be where they are and continue working to...

Feb 22.2019

A Team Worth(ington) Getting to Know

The Worthington Branch was opened in May 2017, so they are still relatively new to the Columbus Ohio area, but they are a team full of heart and...

Aug 15.2018

TNT: A Letter From Our President

This afternoon, we learned that we have once again made the list of Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. Read the message Mark Music,...
May 18.2018

What is the Difference Between a Home Appraisal and an Inspection?

Are you shopping for a home or considering your options? If so, you will come across the terms home appraisal and home inspection. Some people may think...

Apr 2.2018

Welcome to the Porch

The Porch is a place where we greet our guests; a place where we show off our personality; a place where we sit and have great conversations with our...
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