Summer Safety Tips 101

by Lauren Caggiano

Summer means more outdoor activities for many families, some more dangerous than others. It never hurts to be on the safe side to ensure a fun and safe outing for all involved. Stay ahead of the curve by taking the following precautions:

Water Fun

Do your kids know how to swim? Even if that’s the case, accidents do happen. Keep a watchful eye on children and pets to minimize the risk of accidents and drowning. Remember, water wings, life jackets and toys are not a substitute for adult supervision. Also, don’t forget about the importance of sunscreen. The sun’s rays are reflected on water, which means people are at increased risk of exposure and skin damage when in the pool or lake even on a cloudy day. Sunscreen will need to be reapplied every time after getting out of the water. Don’t forget about sunglasses and hats, too.


Going camping? Safety first! A trip to the ER is the quickest way to ruin a nice summer outing. Don’t forget the bug spray, sunscreen and first aid kit. If you plan to build a fire, make sure kids understand fire safety basics. The same goes for hiking. While exploration can be good at times, this is not the occasion. Emphasize the importance of staying on the marked trails and how to identify and (avoid) poisonous plants. No one should ever hike alone or after sundown.

Theme Parks

Sunburns, overheating and dehydration are three major concerns when spending the day walking around an amusement park. Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing along with protective eyewear and hats. You’ll also need to up your water intake due to the sweat factor. Stay away from caffeinated drinks, as they can dehydrate you.


Whether your kid plays in a summer little league or you decide to take up golf or running, the same advice applies. Outdoor exercise is great for fresh air, but the heat and sun can add another dimension. Be mindful of symptoms of heat sickness. Wear proper attire and take a break if you feel sick or weak. Eat plenty of hydrating foods like fruits and vegetables. Avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol, which are dehydrating and can affect performance.

Road Trips

Headed out on vacation or a weekend visit to Grandma’s? Don’t leave home without a phone charger, car safety kit, tire pressure gauge and spare tire, at minimum. If you don’t have roadside assistance, it may be a good idea to add it to your policy. Always check tire pressure before you depart and stay on top of maintenance, like oil changes. If you’re planning to be on the road for a long time, break the trip into manageable legs and/or split the driving with another person. Pull over at a rest stop and nap if you’re feeling drowsy. As always, don’t text and drive.


Grilling is synonymous with summer. (Check out these recipes for inspiration). Set a good example for your kids and take precautions to ensure you keep yourself safe from burns and other hazards. First, make sure your grill is secured on a flat surface and all of the elements clean. Never leave a grill unattended and take care with starter fluid. Clothing can easily catch fire, so be sure your shirt tails, sleeves or apron strings don’t dangle over the grill.

What activities are on your summer bucket list?


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