#Shelfie: Pinterest-worthy shelving ideas

By Lauren Caggiano on July, 21 2020
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Lauren Caggiano

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Whether it’s dry goods, plants, mementos or some other item, shelving can add form and function to any space. But don’t resign yourself to ordinary shelves when a whole world of possibilities. Think outside the box and look to this list for fun accents that add personality to a room.

Wine Box Shelving

As if you needed motivation to enjoy your favorite rosé more often, this is it! Wine box shelving is classy and a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle! That’s right — rosé, reduce, reuse, recycle...and repeat!

Book Shelf

Any bookworms out there? This one’s for you! You’ll need some books, twine, paper, Modge Podge, a sponge and an electric drill to bring this concept to life. This one is sure to spark conversation!

Hanging Shelves

This one is subtle but can really draw the eye horizontally. Perfect for nick knacks, small plants and other treasures, this shelving is relatively easy to assemble but adds another dimension to a room.

Ladder Shelves

This concept is great for outdoor spaces. While more involved than other projects, it can be worth the effort to have a decorative piece that no one else has.


Another upcycled project, this one transforms thrift store drawers into something worthy of Pinterest. They’ll want to know your secret.

Dollhouse Bookcase

The perfect addition to any nursery, this dollhouse bookcase just requires a few supplies and an open mind!

Wooden Box Shelving

This one requires minimal effort and it’s perfect for small spaces. Just hang the rope handle onto a single hook and...voila!  It’s ideal for renters and dorm-dwellers worried about adding one too many holes in the wall, or even those who change their mind a lot.

Wood Shelving with Chicken Wire

The farmhouse look is all the rage, and this project captures that essence. The chicken wire adds a rustic look while also functioning as a way to hold stuff in. Brilliant!

DIY Skateboard Shelving

Who knew an item from your childhood could have a second life as home decor? As this blogger shares, skateboard decks can be as aesthetic pleasing as they are sturdy. Pretty rad!

Acoustic Guitar Shelf

Just like the skateboard can be re-imagined as a focal point in a room, so can an instrument! If you want to add something different from the ordinary shelves on your living room or bedroom this project is for you. You don’t even have to be a musician to tackle this one.

Pallet Shelf

It doesn’t get more utilitarian than this one! It’s amazing what you can do with the right tools, supplies and a can-do spirit.

Wooden Ladder Shelf

This one gives off serious farmhouse vibes. Who knew an old ladder could be reimagined to be a living room centerpiece? See how this blogger brought this project to life on a dime.

The takeaway? Don’t settle for boring shelving when the options are endless. These are just a handful of projects to whet your appetite for DIY interior design. Don’t forget to check Pinterest for more unconventional approaches to shelving.