This isn’t your parents’ camping trip. On the contrary, glamping has elevated the whole experience and you too can join in on the fun, even if it means practicing social distancing. Summer isn’t cancelled, after all!

Whether you’re driving a few hours or setting up camp in your backyard, you can infuse form and function in a way that captures attention. Following are a few must-haves to take your outdoor adventure from drab to fab in no time!

An Outdoor Bedroom Fit for a King or Queen

Just because you’re sleeping under the stars doesn’t mean you can’t do it with comfort in mind! The bedding can make or break the experience. Consider an elevated cot or a luxe sleeping mattress to protect your spine.

Don’t forget the icing on the cake — soft sheets, a comforter and plenty of pillows. If you’re feeling extra, add side tables, a rug, and other elements into the mix and you’ll have a space worthy of a magazine cover. More function than chic, a hammock can get the job done.

Personal Touches

It’s all in the details, when you’re trying to make the campsite a little homier. Fun pillows, picture frames, vases with florals and other decor can make the space your own. Just be sure nothing is fragile or priceless. You don’t want to risk something sentimental getting lost or stolen.

Glow Up

Who doesn’t love outdoor lighting? Illuminate your site with mini-LEDs, tiki torches, fairy lights, faux candles and the like wherever you sit fit. Solar-powered lanterns add an eco-friendly element to the scene, too. Here’s a look at a few ways to enhance the mood with outdoor lighting.

Get Lit

What’s a camping trip without a fireside chat? Not so fast, though! If you intend to enjoy some pyro-activity, exercise caution. Know the site’s fire restrictions before you go and familiarize yourself with best practices for starting, controlling and extinguishing a fire. A high-tech fire pit can be worth the money because it takes some of the guesswork out of it.

Now You’re Cookin’

While camping food isn’t usually haute cuisine, you can add your own high-class touch. Bring a cooler, cast iron pan and utensils and you can cook up some favorites. See this list of foodie-worthy camping fare staples for some inspiration.

Banish Boredom

Camping doesn’t mean you have to give up entertainment altogether. For example, you might consider setting up your own outdoor movie theater with a projector and a screen. Just be sure to pack some popcorn and you have yourself a movie night!

One closing thought: While camping at a campsite is generally considered low risk, don’t brush off precautions while COVID-19 is still a concern. This blog from KOA breaks it down for you so you can enjoy peace of mind while still getting some fresh air.



Lauren Caggiano

Lauren Caggiano

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