Pinterest-Worthy Porch Decorating for the Holidays

By Lauren Caggiano on December, 17 2021
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Lauren Caggiano

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When it comes to holiday porch decorating, your creativity is truly the only limit. That said, if you’re open for the challenge of transforming your porch into a winter wonderland, look no further than these ideas:




Transform your exterior from “meh” to “fab” with a little imagination. Throw blankets in festive colors paired with props like a hot cocoa mug, fake tree and warm string lights..and voila you have an instant conversation piece.


Think Green


Simple yet understated can be the way to go this time of year. For instance, you might look to colorful ornaments adorning a wreath. You can pull in other natural elements like evergreen planters and garland around the door for an extra boost of color and texture.


Think High and Low


As mentioned above, you can add capture attention by drawing the eye upward with door wreaths, but don’t stop there. Doormats are a fun way to keep things interesting. Find one at a home goods store or but a plain one and enhance it with your own special touch.


Let There Be Light


Candles and lanterns, whether purely aesthetic or functional, evoke a rustic feeling. You can buy white ones and paint them, so they fit in with your vibe.


A Banner Year


A banner with a message like “Seasons Greetings,” “Joy to the World” or “Happy Holidays” is a simple touch that gets the job done.


Pillow Talk


A bench with some pillows creates an inviting scene. You can find some in seasonal patterns — or make your own cover and imagine the possibilities.


Think Big


One way to command attention? Think in terms of stature and scale. For instance, oversized nutcrackers or reindeer flanking your doorway create a picture-perfect scene.


Sleigh, Your Way


Prefer Farmhouse over Mid Century? We got you. Bring instant rustic appeal to your front porch or interior by wrapping a weathered sleigh with lights. Bonus points if it’s an heirloom!


Vintage Vibes


Any old souls out there? This is your chance to pull in elements of nostalgia. Maybe an old-timey sled? Naughty elf? Playful Rudolph? A ceramic angel? These seemingly unrelated elements can come together to tell a story.


Picture Perfect


Who says you have to do anything by the book when it comes to exterior decorating? Rather than a traditional wreath, you can create an upcycled one using a picture frame, bells, and a bow. Choose whatever color scheme you’d like that’s fitting for the holiday season.


Indoors, Outside


Gifts and stockings aren’t relegated to the interior at Christmastime. Think outside the box! You can bring some typical Christmas decorations outdoors and have some fun with it. For instance, an oversized urn is ideal for employing greenery in a good way that won’t overtake the rest of the decorations. You can even add them to some large hanging stockings, too. Also consider using some faux gifts to fill up space around the urn, if you have the room.


No matter which direction you go, remember to have fun in the process. After all, this is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!