How to Hygge Your Home

By Alyson Bunn on November, 29 2021
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Alyson Bunn

Creating hygge in your home is using calming design ideas that translate into a feeling of peaceful coziness—the concept roots from the Scandinavian way of life that is calm and serene.

You can live hygge, not just decorate with it. Simply enjoying the simplicity of life and filling your body with things that bring you happiness is living hygge. Now how does such a great feeling translate into décor?


It means your home should be simple and calming. Keeping clutter limited makes your home feel a lot less stressful and a lot more peaceful. Trinkets and knick-knacks might be nice impulse purchases, but they end up filling your house with crowded shelves, dust bunnies and dirty counters.


Keep it neutral. Bright colors emit the exact opposite of hygge. Tans and greys feel warm and airy. Adding texture into these tones prevents a monochrome feeling to your home. Bring in unique furniture, fluffy and soft printed throws, and a comfortable rug.

Imagine a place where you’d want to curl up and read the best book ever written, then create it. You’re creating a feeling with décor. If vintage furniture speaks to you, tie it into your home. Vintage heirlooms are great touches in moderation, especially if they make it feel like home.


Lighting sets the mood. If your home is dark, the feelings will be too. Warm light from candles and twinkle lights provides a relaxing glow without being overwhelming or too powerful. Also, a light scent from candles can feel peaceful and soft.

Fireplaces are also hygge-feeling. The sound, smell, and warmth it gives off is bound to make for a comfortable space. It represents that experience of cuddling around with the people you love and enjoying time together.


Artificial decorations don’t feel genuine to the space and often ruin the hygge you’re trying to achieve. Incorporating natural materials like wood and flowers brings an earthy and authentic feel to your home. This concept also relates to the neutral palette since the natural colors are calming by nature.

Make your home feel like a spa, not just a place you come home to at night. It is meant to be your safe space to unwind and relax, so why not create a space that welcomes those feelings?