Netflix Binge Watching For Every Room

by Lexi Reprogle

Although we may not like to admit it, most of us enjoy binge watching every now and then. But how can you make your binge watching productive when you know there is work to be done around the house? Watch someone else work on houses! Here’s a list of shows for every room in your home, set up the same way as our blog! Go ahead, binge watch away. Just take some notes and think of all the possible ways to make your home more you.

 Front Door

The Front Door encompasses shows about real estate and homes! This is perfect for people who have a home already and are looking to spruce it up to people who dream of buying a fixer upper someday! If either of these describe you then we have the perfect shows to add to your watch list:

  • House Doctor – This show is about a real-estate stylist who helps people design their homes to make them easier to sell
  • The Apartment – You can really pick up some tips from the interior designers who come to compete on this show. The contestants are tasked with making the most out of small spaces
  • Fix It and Finish It – Watch these contractors take a hopeless room and turn into a masterpiece in just one day! Maybe you’ll be motivated to find out what you could do to a room in your home in just one Saturday.
  • Grand Designs – On this series you might get creative with what you decide to do to your home. The people on this show are designing every detail of their dream home and it may inspire you to add some new elements to your space.

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 Home Office

The Home Office deals directly with money management and entrepreneurship! If you are a person who loves to budget or learn about businesses, these shows are right up your alley:

  • Generation Startup – This documentary introduces us to college graduates who are starting out their journey into entrepreneurship. If you’re looking into owning a business or just want some information on how people do it, this will show you the good and the bad of owning your own business
  • Dirty Money – Watch this series if you’re interested in corruption in business and hear from the people involved in these shady deals
  • Living on One Dollar – This show revolves around friends challenging themselves to live in Guatemala on just one dollar a day.

Living Room

If you love interior design and organizing, the Living Room is the place for you! We have gathered a few shows that will get your creativity flowing for that next home decorating project! 

  • The Great Interior Design Challenge – Looking to spruce up your living room? Competitors in this show spend three days showcasing their design skills, maybe you’ll pick up a couple of ideas along the way
  • Instant Hotel – How would you design your house if you were renting it out as a hotel? In this series homeowners compete with one another by staying in each other’s homes to see who has the best hotel. This may be something to think about when renovating your home. How can you make your space reflect who you are but also ensure you are making it a welcoming environment for guests?
  • Amazing Interiors – If you’re really looking to get creative, take some ideas from these homeowners who create their space to showcase their passions – watching this may give you the comfort of knowing that your home is your home and you are the one spending a majority of time in it so make it what you love!
  • Tidying Up with Marie Kondo – Sometimes a home remodel is not what you need. Sometimes, you just need to clear up some space. The hostess of this show can give you pointers on how to do just that.


The kitchen probably seems obvious that it contains all those wonderful cooking and baking shows! These friendly competitions and fun to watch and may leave your taste buds wanting more!

  • The Great British Baking Show – Watching this you will feel as though you are a top baker and you could compete right along with them – it may even inspire you to try some of these recipes you’ve most likely never heard of
  • Nailed It – This the show you turn to when you realize you are not one of the best bakers in the world and that recipe you tried from The Great British Baking Show – didn’t quite turn out the way you thought it would. The contestants in this show are not professional bakers and they are tasked with baking somewhat difficult recipes. When you want to feel better about your own baking skills, watch this
  • The Mind of a Chef – In this series you will learn more about food and history and culture than in your typical cooking show
  • Cooked – This show follows a food writer who explores all different types of food and cooking and eating methods and shows us how much of an impact food has on all of us and the way we socialize with one another

Junk Drawer

 The Junk Drawer is an all-encompassing place that covers a wide range of favorites! Whether you are wanting to binge watch to learn something new or just watch to laugh, we have some fun shows for you!  

  • Parks and Recreation - This is a show perfect for getting a good laugh in! You can follow Leslie Knope and her subordinates as they fight for justice for the Parks and Rec department in Pawnee, Indiana.
  • The Office - This is the perfect show to correlate to the average watchers everyday life. If you have every felt like your day to day is a bit mundane, this hilarious cast will bring up your spirits as you want them in their natural environment! 
  • Explained – to watch when you want your binge watching to result in learning something new. 
  • Planet Earth – Since your binge watching is likely taking place inside, watch this to feel closer to nature.


 The Backyard is for people who love the outdoors and gardening! There is the perfect show on Netflix if this describes you!

  • Big Dreams, Small Spaces – Gardening is no easy task and we often have big ideas of what we want our backyard to look like – the host of this series will provide some helpful tips to turn your garden into an oasis


When thinking of ways to update your home it is difficult to get started. Watching some of these shows may motivate you to get to work while others may be what you turn to when you need a break. Whatever you choose to do, make it your own and make your home the place you’re happy to come back to every day.




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