Lexi Reprogle

Lexi Reprogle

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Feb 26.2019

Netflix Binge Watching For Every Room

Although we may not like to admit it, most of us enjoy binge watching every now and then. But how can you make your binge watching productive when you know...

Nov 6.2018

Your Home Should Be Your Comfort Zone

Home is where you often go to relax and de-stress after a long day. Sometimes though, home can be the cause of our stress. This happens to a lot of us when...

Oct 15.2018

Budgeting for Christmas

“Christmas is just around the corner!” Does this phrase elicit anxiety and happiness at the same time for you?

Apr 20.2018

No Credit? Start Building it Today!

When was the first time you realized you were finally an adult? Was it right after you signed the lease on your first apartment or did it really hit you the...

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