Introducing Loan Butler, by Ruoff Home Mortgage

by Tonya Dove



Loan Butler, by Ruoff Home Mortgage, was created to provide you with a fast and convenient user experience when applying online with Ruoff Home Mortgage. What’s even better — it also gives you the freedom and the power to move your mortgage process along at a rapid pace!

Loan Butler is cutting edge online loan technology that gives you the ability to digitally provide required documentation with a few simple clicks. Initiate a credit check and review your scores, digitally verify your employment information, and seamlessly transfer asset documentation — which means less paperwork from you. We’ve got your back — Loan Butler is secure, certified, and encrypted, which means your important information is safe with us! 

Blog Post Assets-5Once you hit submit on your application, you will be introduced to Digi, the Loan Butler who will tidy up your information and bring you directly into the Loan Butler Portal to review your loan’s progress, documents, and upload additional information your Loan Officer may need to issue a final approval.

Don't just take our word, see for yourself!

Now you don't have to take a rocket to the moon to get a home loan — Loan Butler is your new digital mortgage solution.


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