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Retro is in Style, Unless We're Talking Home Financing

By Tonya Dove on October, 17 2018
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Tonya Dove

The journey to finance or refinance a home too often feels overwhelming, time-consuming, and an experience that most of us would choose to donate a kidney before going through it. Well, times have changed.

Have You or a Loved One Experienced the Trauma?

We've all heard the horror stories, or God forbid lived through them ourselves. Even the word "mortgage" makes most of us cringe, causes us to feel uneasy, and makes us want to turn and run the other direction. Why is that? I mean the majority of the population still has the goal to own their own house and the freedom that comes with being a homeowner, so why does the mere thought of going through the mortgage process make some of us feel nauseous?

Well, for most of us, it's because of a scenario like this...

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The archaic, old school, outdated path to financing a house:

  1. Find a house you like and make an offer.
  2. Apply for a loan at a stuffy bank by filling out a lengthy and confusing paper application.
  3. Act as the middle man between your real estate agent and lender.
  4. Dig through boxes and run to various locations to find and turn in an endless amount of requested paperwork – paystubs, bank statements, taxes, and much more.
  5. Wait a couple weeks to hear something about your loan’s progress.
  6. Get an ulcer due to the anxiety caused by wondering if the old saying ‘no news is good news’ is really true in this case or not?
  7. Receive requests for additional paperwork (some of which you’re positive you’ve already submitted).
  8. Get the ‘good’ news that the process should only take 30-60 days from this point.
  9. Receive a request for your first born child and a sample of blood (not really, but you know the feeling).
  10. Wait some more.
  11. Get a request for even more information and start questioning your sanity as you start talking to yourself wondering why the bank didn’t ask for these things weeks ago.
  12. Cross your fingers and pray the house you want is still available
  13. Find out that your rate has changed since you started the process, which made your expected payment go up.
  14. Get the news that your mortgage is finally approved – the marathon is nearly over.
  15. Head to the closing table in a week or so to review stacks of legal documents and sign your name on them dozens of times.

Congratulations! You survived!    
Total time spent = 60-90 days

Ok, that may be a little dramatic, but unfortunately that situation hits home for far too many homebuyers. But don't worry, times have changed!  Using innovative, high-end technology to create a quick and convenient user experience has put companies like Ruoff Home Mortgage in the forefront of the industry — and makes the entire home financing process (and your life) easier!

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Mortgage Technology - What it Means to You

HINT: It doesn't have to be hard...

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The Ruoff Home Mortgage path to home financing:

  1. Apply online to get pre-approved through Loan Butler.
  2. Upload required info through Ruoff’s mobile app.  
    BONUS: Ruoff utilizes secure, cutting edge technology like Day 1 CertaintyThe Work Number, and AccountChek to pull your income, employment information, and other necessary data for you (with your consent) to speed up the process and save you time and energy! How awesome is that?
  3. Receive your pre-approval letter quickly so you can find your next home with the confidence of knowing your financing and budget.
  4. Lock in your rate to guarantee it won’t go up.
  5. You and your Realtor will receive Electronic Milestone Updates, so you’ll both know the minute your loan moves ahead in the process.
  6. Receive a ‘clear to close’ in days instead of weeks!
  7. Review documents online and securely e-sign the majority of the forms at your convenience.
  8. Thanks to Ruoff's Digital Closing Experience, you’ll only spend about 10 minutes with your loan officer and Realtor finalizing the purchase at closing.

Congratulations! Now wasn’t that easy?!
Total time spent = as few as 15 days (no joke!) 

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Best of Both Worlds

High-tech automation does NOT mean you're on your own. Regardless if you apply for a free, no-strings-attached home loan pre-approval on or if you visit one of our dozens of branches, you will be teamed up one-on-one with an experienced senior loan officer.

The goal of Team Ruoff is to listen to your homeownership goals and be available (as much as you choose) to guide you every step of the way. Ruoff is proud to use their nearly 35 years of experience to help homeowners like you — in our home towns and all across the country.

Speed, Accuracy, and Stress Free

There is no longer a reason to be afraid of the once scary mortgage process. Many of Ruoff's clients are able to complete the majority of the loan process without even leaving work, their home, or even vacation.

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Just read a few of our reviews below!

"I have bought and sold several houses over the last 10 years and this was one of the fastest and smoothest transaction I have ever done. Closed in 2 weeks. Very impressed!! Went as smooth as a baby’s behind!!"  - Michael B, Homebuyer

"I was the listing agent on one of Michael's mortgage transactions and his speed of closing and communication was outstanding." -Randy M, Real Estate Agent

"My loan officer is a fast turn-around ninja. For the second time I ended up seeing a house and wanting to make an offer without any pre-qualification, and no advance notice. He was able to get us a pre-approval in less than 24 hours.  Ruoff jumps to action and makes things so easy on us as borrowers!" –Kimber A, Homebuyer

"As a first time home buyer there was a lot about the process that was new to me. My loan officer was a pleasure to work with and she helped walk me through every step of the way. Thanks to her speed and effort we were ready to close 2 weeks ahead of schedule!!" –Daniel G, Homebuyer

 So what are you waiting for?
Make your homeownership dreams happen! 

Download Ruoff's Free Home Shopping Guide now for quick tips to get you started! 

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