DIY Outdoor Lighting Projects: Light Up Your Next Backyard Gathering

by Lauren Caggiano

Summer is upon us. That means warmer nights will linger and you can make the most of them with outdoor parties, no matter how informal or impromptu.

Outdoor lighting of all types adds a special element of magic and sophistication to your gatherings. But where to begin? Look no further than these 10 easy DIY lighting projects sure to inspire you to light up your outdoor space:

  • Glow Jars: Any child of the 80s or 90s will remember glow sticks. Stock up at the Dollar Store and put them to use with this project from The Gold Jelly Bean that will light up even the darkest patio!
  • Grapevine Balls: Not only are these natural and durable, they are stunning in the dark. Your backyard will look like a fairy’s paradise. Lynne Knowlton shows you how it’s done here. 

  • Tin can lanterns: Who knew coffee cans could look so good second time around as candle holders? Even better, the materials are practically free, and you can make these in 7 easy steps. Blogger Emily Peckenham shows you how, here.
  • DIY Sparkling Garden Orb: Upcycle planters and you have yourself a work of art to add some character to you garden. Get the 4-11 from Melissa here. 
  • DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights: Mason jars were hot in the DIY world a few years ago, so chances are you have a few in your cupboard or panty. You’ll need a few other supplies and creative juices of juice to make this project from Hometalk.
  • Recycled Wine Bottle Lights: Consider this a modern version of the tiki torch. Transform a wine bottle into an outdoor room centerpiece with this concept from Design Sponge. Safety note: this is for outdoor use only.
  • Solar Chandelier: Harness the power of the sun and enjoy the benefits long into the night. If you have $10 and 10 minutes, you can complete this project from Down Home Inspiration and impress your friends. Hello, mood lighting!
  • Outdoor Pendant Light: Looking to bring indoor style elements to your outdoor space? We’ve got you. Look no further than this DIY lighting project. Retrofit an indoor light for outdoor use with this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

  • White Branches: This project conjures up images of the holiday season, but you can easily make it fit in with a late summer backyard design. Gather milk cans, branches and lights and you have yourself a breathtaking outdoor feature. DIY Why Spend More breaks it down for you here.
  • Fire Pit Lighting: A fire pit is a fun backyard feature that offers both form and function. Take yours to the next level with this lighting project from Remodelaholic.

Hungry for more DIY projects and inspiration? Check out these DIY outdoor furniture projects. There’s still plenty of warm-weather days left to make the most of your patio, porch or garden. The only thing left to do is invite friends and family over and make room for memories!



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