Courtney Christensen

Courtney Christensen

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Apr 15.2020

Planting a Tea Garden

For tea lovers, nothing is better than a hot cup of tea in the afternoon. While pre-packaged teas are fine, nothing beats the fresh taste of tea you...

Apr 9.2020

How to Make a Terrarium

Whether you’re stuck at home due to a rainy day or the current pandemic quarantine, having an afternoon craft project is a great way to pass the time. A...

Apr 6.2020

5 Questions Single Parents Should Ask Themselves before Buying a Home

Being a parent isn’t an easy job, and being a single parent is even less so. In many cases, it can feel as though all the responsibilities for your family...

Mar 31.2020

Questions to Ask When Getting a Mortgage

Getting a home loan is particularly daunting, particularly for those who are buying their first home or those who haven’t bought a home in decades. For most...

Mar 25.2020

20 Things to Do During the Quarantine


Staying at home can be a great relief from the busy world, but eventually, that relief wears off and only boredom is left in its place. During the weeks...

Mar 20.2020

How to Work from Home with Kids

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us are lucky enough to be working from home to avoid contracting or spreading the virus. Working from home...

Mar 18.2020

Tips for a First-Time Home Seller

Buying a home for the first time is daunting, but there are thousands of resources available to you at the time. Unfortunately, the same can’t always be...

Mar 12.2020

43 Ways to Get Involved in and Improve Your Community


Getting involved in your community is a great way to meet new people, increase the safety of your area, and make changes you want to see. First and...

Mar 3.2020

Explained: The Refinance Process

Just like your original home loan, a refinance loan can be complicated. It doesn't have to be! Here is a breakdown of all the steps required to getting, and...

Feb 12.2020

Creating a Home Style as a Couple

The bad news: your significant other likes farmhouse chic, but you prefer something sleek and modern. The good news: finding a mix of styles that you both...

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