Courtney Christensen

Courtney Christensen

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Oct 13.2020

How Do I Get an FHA Loan?

As one of the most popular loans for first-time homebuyers and repeat buyers from low-to-moderate income households, we get a ton of questions about FHA...

Oct 9.2020

Do You Have to Put 20% Down on a House?

Are you ready to buy a house? You’ve got your debt under control, your credit score is good, and you feel like it’s time to take that next big step? There’s...

Oct 5.2020

Is It Better to Have an FHA or Conventional Loan?

Two of the most popular loans, FHA and Conventional loans, are often presented to homebuyers to choose between. Both have pros and cons, and both are...

Oct 2.2020

Fill Up with These Soups for Fall

What’s more versatile than soup? This fall, pull out your slow cooker and get ready to try something new! We’ve collected 11 soups and stews from around the...

Oct 1.2020

New Home Construction: Loan Explained

Building a new home comes with weeks and months of planning – even before ground is broken. When you’re thinking about building your own home, your mortgage...

Sep 28.2020

Does Refinancing Hurt My Credit Score?

Every once in awhile, there is a nationwide surge in refinancing due to the dips in interest rates. Sometimes, these dips only last a week, and sometimes...

Sep 21.2020

Your Guide to Fall Home Maintenance

The fall season is upon us. It’s time to welcome cool nights, colorful leaves, and, yes, pumpkin spice. It’s also time to check up on your home – make sure...

Sep 18.2020

What Happens when a Mortgage Goes to Underwriting?

One of the last steps before your loan is approved and the house keys are placed in your hands is underwriting. Underwriting is the process of risk...

Sep 10.2020

What You Need to Know About Credit Mix

The five components of your credit score: payment history, utilization, length of credit history, new credit, and credit mix, all factor into your credit...

Sep 3.2020

FHA vs USDA Loans: Explained

When it comes to picking out the right loan type for you and your family, things can get quite complicated. Between the housing industry terminology, the...

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