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Nov 26.2018

Why Does Your Mortgage Require So Much Paperwork?

One of the first things home buyers comment on is all of the paperwork that a mortgage company needs to process, underwrite and approve a loan. While it may...

Sep 12.2018

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI): Why You Shouldn't Dislike It So Much

Private Mortgage Insurance (or PMI) really gets a bad rap. A lot of people think about PMI the same way that they think about income taxes or that annoying...

Aug 30.2018

5 Tips to Help You Improve Your Credit

So, you’ve decided that you are tired of renting that small apartment when you can get a nice home for close to the same amount of money that you are paying...

Aug 14.2018

How Taxes and Insurance Tie into Your Mortgage Payments

Have you ever wondered why taxes and insurance are tied into your mortgage payment? Or have you heard the term “escrow account” and questioned what exactly...

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