Yippie Skippie! 29 Fun Things to do On Leap Day

by Jessica Brita-Segyde


Leap day is almost here! This momentous 24-hour cycle only happens once every four years. Celebrate well with one or all of these 29 leap day activities:

  1. Play hopscotch. When was the last time you jumped for fun?
  2. Leaping feet need a rest! Take care of your feet with a pedicure.
  3. Give yourself a screen detox by taking the day off from your devices and social media.
  4. Have a family and friends over for a chili cook-off.
  5. Bake something extravagant that you have never baked before.
  6. Research Black History Month and learn something new about African American heritage.
  7. Leap Day falls on a Saturday this year, stay up late and look at the constellations
  8. Relive New Year’s Eve and indulge in a countdown to March 1.
  9. Recommit to your New Year’s Resolution.
  10. Just be lazy. This day doesn’t even exist.
  11. Start your spring plants in indoor containers.
  12. Bundle up and go on a nature hike.
  13. Find leap day books at the library.
  14. Find leap day lesson plans for your little one via a teacher’s website like teachwithme.com
  15. Watch all the Harry Potter movies.
  16. Do an hour of Yoga. If you don’t have access to an instructor, try Amazon Prime or even YouTube for a video to follow.
  17. Learn to count to 29 in another language.
  18. Create a time capsule to be opened on the next Leap Day. (This is an excellent activity for children.)
  19. Learn some interesting Leap Year facts.
  20. Watch the romantic comedy “Leap Day,” starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode.
  21. Thank a farmer. The last week of February is National FFA Week.

…and now, the frog-themed activities:

  1. Play leapfrog.
  2. Watch Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.
  3. Consult Pinterest for frog-themed craft ideas.
  4. Make these adorable frog cupcakes from allrecipes.com
  5. Go outside for some frog-watching. You could spot frogs in trees or near water. If your own backyard doesn’t offer much wildlife, find a nearby park with a pond.
  6. If you’ve never eaten frog legs, give them a try. This unique protein option is a celebrated treat in French and Cantonese cuisine. (But please don’t eat any endangered frog species!)
  7. Join FrogatWatch USA as a citizen scientist. This volunteer group tracks frog populations to help with wildlife conservation efforts.
  8. Dress your fur baby in a frog costume like this one from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.


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