This Summer's Bucket List

by Lauren Caggiano

Summer is in full swing and that calls for making the most of every moment. If you’re looking for inspiration as you plan your next few months, look no further than this summer list for an idea or two.

Visit a winery or brewery: Nothing says summer like enjoying a glass of wine or a beer on a patio. Many of these have popped up around the country in recent years, so check with your local visitor’s bureau for recommendations. Cheers! Bonus: Sometimes they have trivia nights and activities like yoga, so you can make a day out of it.

Enjoy ice cream: Remember when you’d wait for the ice cream truck to come around as a kid? Well, a visit to an ice cream shop is the next best thing. Whether you prefer a cone or cup, you can’t go wrong with a scoop or two. Don’t forget the sprinkles!

Say yes to water fun: Make a splash at your neighborhood pool or a visit to the lake and rent a boat, kayak or canoe. Don’t forget the sunscreen, a hat, and some tunes!

Take in music: Now that it’s summer and the pandemic is waning, there are more options for outdoor concerts both near and far. Road trip, anyone? Check sites like Ticketmaster for your schedules.

Catch up on reading: Lazy summer afternoons were made for reading. (Bonus points if you do it in a hammock.) You might consider joining a book club so you can expand your horizons. Plus, it’s fun!

Eat outside: If you haven’t already, summer is the perfect occasion to eat al fresco. Your favorite local restaurant might have patio seating. Savor these warm temperatures while they last!

Get lost in the woods: Nature has the power to ground and revive the human spirit. Do some research and seek out a nature preserve or park. Then trek the trails or go wherever your heart desires. Don’t forget bug spray and sun protection.

Try a new recipe: Stretch yourself in the kitchen by trying a new recipe. You might consider one of these options from Love & Lemons to keep things interesting. You can find farm-fresh ingredients at your local farmer's market. Plus, you can’t beat supporting local producers.

Reconnect with nature: When was the last time you experienced a summer sunset? How about the beauty of the night sky? Make a point to seek out one of these experiences and you won’t regret it. Even better, grab your significant other, so they can experience it alongside you! How romantic!

Plan a staycation: Maybe the budget doesn’t allow for a vacation, or you don’t feel comfortable traveling yet. No worries! You can be a stranger in your hometown. Make a point to seek out restaurants and attractions that are new to you and your family. Catch up on sleep and enjoy a leisurely pace. This is your time to slow down and take it easy.

However you spend your summer, don’t forget to take photos and savor each and every moment!


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