Tame Your Bathroom with These Organization Hacks

by Lauren Caggiano

A small space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on organization. There are plenty of ways to maximize the surface area in a bathroom and make it look like something featured in a magazine. Take a few cues from the pros and look under, over and inside to find places for everything you need to keep and store.

But where to begin? Clutter can be mentally draining. If you feel like there’s not enough space for everything, you might consider channeling Marie Kondo and taking a minimalist approach. Throw out or donate anything that’s not adding to the space or your home. Get down to the basics. Once you have your essentials, then it’s time to give them a home.

It helps to take a step back and think beyond the obvious when setting out on this endeavor. For example, think vertical real estate. When working with more intimate spaces, sometimes using the wall height available is helpful. Otherwise, this space is an afterthought and usually goes to waste. In this case, an organization system lends itself to vertical storage. Look for solutions that consists of hooks, small baskets, bins and shelves to get the job done. Keep both quality and aesthetics in mind. In other words, this isn’t a time to skimp.

Creativity is another element to pull in on this project. That said, don’t be afraid to transform an ordinary furniture piece into an unassuming storage solution. For example, you could take a secretary desk and use it to contain towels sheets and other housewares. A salvaged cabinet placed above the toilet can offer the same utility.

Maybe you don’t mind having these items in plain sight. A vintage (or vintage-inspired) bar cart can add an element of sophistication and practicality in this setting. Toilet paper, tissues, washcloths, etc. won’t look tacky or out of place when you integrate such a functional conservation piece. Similarly, woven or wicker baskets are a popular go-to for creating both a rustic look and extra room in the bedroom. Floating shelves are another on-trend way to display items neatly.

The same goes for the angles inside the shower. Caddies and other durable additions can help keep clutter to a minimum. Just look for plastic or stainless-steel material, so that the pieces don’t rust. Suction-cup organizers are your friend as far as this area goes. These are great for corralling bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that take up a lot of surface area.

Of course, some items should be hidden for both safety and optics. That applies to your medicine cabinet, whose contents can be dangerous to young children and pets. Make a point to get yours in order with a no-nonsense addition like a lazy Susan, just like you’d use in your kitchen. It’s perfect for packing a lot into a small space. Place taller bottles either in the center or at the edges so you’re able to see everything you have and get to what you need. Voila… who knew it was that easy?

In short, even the smallest of bathrooms can offer more than meets the eye in terms of square footage.  Are you up to the challenge?




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