One of the most difficult parts of quarantining is being separated from your closest family and friends. During events like this, it’s time to turn to new (and old) ways of communicating in order to stay connected with your favorite people. Whether you FaceTime with your grandparents or write old-fashioned snail mail to your best friend, you will learn new ways to keep those relationships alive and well.

Video Chatting

With so many options available to you for video calling, this is probably the best way to stay connected with your loved ones. Both mobile and browser apps are available – meaning whether you use a phone or a computer, you will have a high quality call with your friends and relatives.


This is the best method for younger children, as well, since it helps them immensely to be able to see the people they are talking to. Use this method for one-on-one calls or a giant group of people. It’s perfect for a family call, too, involving every generation.

Some great (and free!) apps to use:

Phone Calls

In the world of smartphones, actual phone calls have become something a bit archaic. Ask many people under the age of 35, and you’ll find that phone calls are exclusively for emergencies, business, or making doctor appointments. The text is king.


It’s time to bring the phone call back. Hearing the voices of your favorite people is one of the best ways to soothe the stress caused by this pandemic. It’s more personable than a text message, and helps reaffirm health and safety in a way that a text can’t.

Because many people have strange schedules during the quarantine, it’s a good idea to schedule times for phone calls. Try to make these calls once a week (or more if you can!) to stay connected with your family and friends.

Letter Writing

It’s undeniable – getting a handwritten letter is the best feeling. So why not spread the love? Start a pen pal circle with friends, taking turns writing letters to one another. You could even ramp it up and send small gifts or treats to help them through the pandemic.


Be sure to be extra careful with the letters and gifts, though. Because they come from another household, they contain contaminants that your own house doesn’t have. Give them a quick spray down with Lysol and be sure to wash your hands after handling them.

Courtney Christensen

Courtney Christensen