Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

by Lauren Caggiano


Any fall brides out there? Wedding expenses can add up fast, leaving many couples spread thin. It helps to have a clear idea of how much things cost going into the process, so you aren’t taken for a surprise when you’re in the thick of planning.

Some couples prefer to do all of the planning themselves, while some prefer to go the wedding planning route so they can lean on an expert during this exciting but stressful time.  But which approach is right for you? We break down the pros and cons of each:

DIY Planning


This is going to be more cost-effective, as a wedding planner’s services average $2000. Plus, you won’t have to worry about whether or not a planner gets your vision. In short, you can pick every detail so that the ceremony and reception feel authentically you. A planner, although a pro, may not know how to translate your vision and personality as a couple into those special touches you’ll remember for years to come.


There are two sides to the coin as far as finances go. Although an investment, a planner may be able to help you save money on other expenses because they know where to splurge and where to skimp. For example, silk flowers may be a better option than fresh ones. And he or she knows where to find the best DJ within your budget. They’re going to have connections with vendors so you can save time on researching options.

Last, an experienced planner knows the ins and outs of the process and may be able to save you from a panic on your big day. For example, what happens if you leave your shoes at home? He or she knows how to handle details and turn around a potentially bad situation.

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Hiring a Planner


One variable to consider is your time. If you’re working full-time and juggling other commitments, you might not have the bandwidth to dedicate to planning this life event. A professional planner can relieve some of that burden, especially since they know the best way to approach things.  Wedding planners save you time on researching vendors, booking venues, and coordinating other wedding-related details. So ask yourself: what’s your time worth?

Additionally, he or she can act as an unbiased sounding board. Tensions can run high before weddings. And family dynamics can get in the way. So, it’s nice to have someone you can turn to without an agenda.


As stated above, enlisting the help of a wedding planner comes with a price tag. You will also have to give up a certain amount of control. If you’re a Type A person, you might struggle with deferring to someone, especially on such a personal matter.

In short, be honest with yourself about budget, bandwidth, and expectations, and you’ll come to the best decision for you as a couple. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness!




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