Dec 31.2019

2019: A Great Year for Ruoff Mortgage

It's been a busy but rewarding year for Ruoff Mortgage. We've grown, we've succeeded, we've contributed, we've helped, and we've celebrated. Through the...

Dec 30.2019

Home Inspection Details – What’s Bad and What’s OK

There are a multitude of steps to climb on your way to the finalized purchase of a home, and the home inspection is one of the most important. Different...

Dec 27.2019

8 Instagrammers to Follow for Interior Design Inspo

There is no better place to scroll endlessly than Instagram, especially when you're looking to get inspired. With thousands of Instagrammers posting...

Dec 26.2019

Minimalist Decoration

 The true minimalist has little need for storage. If something isn’t useful now or in the foreseeable future, it should either be donated, gifted, upcycled...

Dec 24.2019

Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes

Every family has age-old recipes for Christmas cookies and other treats for the holidays. Your aunt's snickerdoodles are a hit every year, and no Christmas...

Dec 18.2019

Buying a House for Your Kid

Does your kid need a place to live? Some established parents are choosing to purchase a home for their adult children. Of course, you could go old-school...

Dec 16.2019

Elevate Your Entrance with Everyday Wreaths

While frequently considered the icing on the cake of front doors, wreaths can be used anywhere in the home to add a little somethin’ somethin’. Whether...

Dec 12.2019

Adulting 101: Meal Planning

Hey, you’re an adult now which means on top of managing your credit score, perfecting soft skills, and contributing to a 401k, you also need to make sure...

Dec 10.2019

Managing Finances as a Couple

Marriage is hard enough with the mundane stressors of everyday life, but when you throw money into the equation, it can sometimes reach a boiling point....

Dec 6.2019

Deck the Halls Inside and Out

Christmas is nearly here, which means it’s time to “deck the halls” inside and out. While decor is certainly personal, there are a few trends to take into...

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