How to Host a Successful Thanksgiving

By Leah Schoenle on November, 14 2018
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Leah Schoenle

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time to reflect, spend time with family, and of course, EAT! Arguably the most comforting meal of the entire year, preparing and hosting Thanksgiving can be fulfilling (mostly filling) and intimidating! No one likes a dry turkey or burnt pie. Here are some tips to ensure that your Thanksgiving celebration is successful and relaxing!


TIP ONE: Plan Your Menu Ahead of Time

It will save a large amount of time to sit down and write out exactly what you intend to serve. The Thanksgiving meal has its staples: Turkey, some form of potato, pie. However, getting creative with how you season/cook your turkey can add some unexpected flare to the meal. Regardless if you're preparing your first turkey or 20th, check out's suggestions for How to Cook a Turkey.

Online grocery shopping will save you time

Not only does writing down a Step-by-Step Thanksgiving Checklist satisfy, but it also gives you an idea of what you will need to shop for verses what you might already have in your cabinets.  The modern convenience of grocery pick-up or delivery really comes as a saving grace during the holidays. What’s better than not dealing with the crowds at check out during the holiday season? Almost nothing. Ordering your groceries online also helps to avoid unnecessary items and insure that you added everything you actually need to your cart! Want to know what's available in your area? Head to Google Maps and search "grocery pickup near me"


TIP TWO: Assign Tasks to Family Members

Don’t feel like you need to cook every aspect of the meal! If your sister-in-law has an amazing green bean casserole recipe, reach out to see if she would contribute!

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner with family

This not only gets everyone involved in the fun, but also lessen your work load and food costs. Remember, besides cooking a meal, it’s also nice to have a clean house for when guests visit. A “potluck” style meal allows everyone to showcase a dish and can be a conversation peace throughout the meal, as gives you more time to Get Your House Ready to Host Thanksgiving Dinner.


TIP THREE: Prep What You Can Prior to Thanksgiving Day

This next part is very, very important…. remember to thaw out your turkey! Thawing time depends on the size of the bird, so follow these How to Safely Thaw a Turkey instructions!

Mom and young daughters cooking Thanksgiving turkey

The bigger the bird, the longer it needs to thaw out. If you plan to fry your turkey, please do not put it in the fryer frozen—you won’t have a bird to eat and the fire department will definitely have to make an appearance. See YouTube for tutorials. Certain side dishes, as well as dessert are easy to whip up while doing some cleaning the day before.Pillsbury offered up some Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes for you to chose from.


Thanksgiving pie eating and other games to play with the whole family

While hosting a holiday like Thanksgiving involves a good amount of time and effort, it is truly fun to see the fruits of your labor and watch your friends and family enjoy a meal that you put together.Thanksgiving is all about being thankful. So be thankful for your oven and your dishwasher while you’re at it. Also, don’t forget to make time to enjoy and relax with your loved ones.

Here's 16 Thanksgiving Games for the Whole Family to Play (after your bellies are full)! Your guests will have a great time and will be thankful for you and the wonderful holiday you’ve hosted.

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