DIY Projects with Scrap Wood

By Ashley Wirgau on October, 6 2020
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Ashley Wirgau

Everyone is shooting to be a DIYer these days, especially with our current world of limited store hours and grumpy shoppers. What better way to get started on your new do-it-yourself style than by using those scrap pieces of wood taking up space in your cluttered garage? 

Put that pile of splinters to good use and create some fun new pieces to brighten up your space this fall!

Get Hyped for the Holidays

With our favorite holidays right around the corner, why not jump into the spirit now and get your house in tip-top shape before the Halloween candy hangovers arrive? Scrap wood serves as a great canvas for creativity, and all you need are some brushes and paint to get started. Use spooky stencils to refresh leftover plywood and cut to size, or bring your kids in on some messy magic by checking out these hand and footprint ideas, most of which can be done on any old wood board. If you are feeling really motivated, try your hand at building a mini DIY Halloween village out of prefabricated birdhouses (or piece together some of those scraps and make your own)!

Are you more into Santa than super creepy scenes? No worries! These plans are easily tweaked to create a North Pole wonderland – just change up the colors, spray on some fake snow, and you are set for December. If this doesn’t scare you away, take it up a notch and try building some gifts for the holiday season. A quick disclaimer though: these particular projects will require a little expertise and a few more tools than a novice woodworker might have at their disposal.

Beautify your Space

Take a stroll through any home interior store and you are bound to find decorative signs of every shape, size and color. Signs with silly sayings or messages meant to inspire abound, and while it is tempting to just snag a store-bought option, crafting these within the comfort of your own home is pretty easy and much cheaper. Visit Etsy to purchase any number of ready-to-go or even customized stencil options and take your excess boards from boring to beautiful. And don’t forget your home’s exterior. Search the internet to find countless ideas for DIY house number signs, like the striking modern example found here.

Find Added Functionality

Aside from furthering the aesthetics of your home, your DIY drive can also add functionality and ease to your every day. Simple fixes like homemade drawer dividers make everything more orderly. Basic shelving, easily made from wood scrap, is another make-it-at-home option to bring a dose of organization to kitchens, bathrooms and playrooms.

Depending on how much extra wood you have, you might be able to take your home projects a little further and build actual furniture. Who needs IKEA when you have a hammer and nails right there in your junk drawer? With the right materials, a little know-how and a lot of patience great DIY furniture options are definitely within your reach.

Take It Outside

Scrap wood is always handy when it comes to throwing together garden projects. Raised garden beds, trellises, shabby chic fencing and flower boxes are all quick and easy builds for the great outdoors. Many of these you can imagine on your own, but for those who work better with clear plans, the Empress of Dirt has tons of cute and crafty ideas for prettying up any outside space.

Almost everyone has scrap wood lying around their house, so instead of making a giant bonfire like you had originally planned, consider putting that wood to more permanent use. Sometimes, when you mix those creative juices with the cabin fever that has been building over the past several months, you end up with DIY projects you might actually be proud to show off.