Did You Snow About These Wintery Treats?

By Courtney Christensen on December, 3 2019
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Courtney Christensen

After a full day of sledding and building snowmen, settling down with a nice treat makes the whole day feel magical. Whether these are a weekend project or a snow-day sugar fix, these recipes are sure to delight both you and your kids. Each of them requires one common ingredient: fresh snow.

Real Snow Cone


If there’s snow on the ground, you won’t need shaved ice to make a genuine snow cone. This is such a versatile recipe. Choose your favorite liquid: juice, syrup, soda, cold brew, etc. Pour liquid slowly over a cup full of ice and eat immediately.

Snow Ice Cream


A simple way to make ice cream out of snow uses just one can of sweetened condensed milk, about 8 baseball sized snowballs, and your favorite flavor extract. Stir the condensed milk into a bowl of snow and add the extract (peppermint works really well!). Mix lightly so you don’t lose the snow’s fluff!

Spicy Honey with Sea Salt 


Want to know what happens to honey (and maple syrup!) when it is quickly cooled in the snow? It turns into taffy. Take advantage of this neat science project by mixing honey, vanilla or almond extract, and a pinch of cayenne or cinnamon to taste. Pour the mixture into strips on fresh snow, let it cool, and then roll the honey around a popsicle stick. Sprinkle on sea salt and enjoy!

Frozen Hot Chocolate


New York City has a famous restaurant called Serendipity which serves an equally famous frozen hot chocolate. Make your own version of this yummy beverage with this recipe from Treehugger. You need chocolate (chips or a bar), cocoa powder, sugar, milk, snow, and whipped cream to top.

Slushy Snow Mimosa


Class up a standard snow cone with a mimosa brunch. Fill a champagne flute with snow, then top up with equal amounts of orange juice and champagne. You can change it up by using other juices like pomegranate, peach, or white grape. For an extra sweetness, use a sparkling moscato in place of champagne.