Cubicle Goals: 7 Ways to Transform Your Workspace

By Lauren Caggiano on September, 14 2021
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Lauren Caggiano

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Maybe you’ve recently returned to the office full-time or are dividing your time between remote work and the office. Either way, you might need a change in scenery.

Enter: cubicle decorating. Here are 7 ways to infuse some personality into your space:

  • Let there be color: Your cubicle bones are likely a neutral color by design. This is good news, as it provides the perfect blank canvas. You can introduce your own décor color scheme into your cubicle. Yellow, white, and grey add a cohesive, personality-filled vibe to this otherwise totally cookie-cutter cubicle. From here, you can add other elements that coordinate and contrast with the base colors. Think a bold pencil jar, a brightly-colored vase, or a knickknack. If you’re feeling especially crafty, you might consider making your own mouse pad. This blogger shows you how it’s done.
  • Add a lamp: Your office might be illuminated by fluorescents, which can be harsh and abrasive to the eyes. That’s why adding your own light can help offset the intensity. Even when the office overhead lights are on, you can turn on your cubicle lamp and change the mood and feel.
  • Bring in natural elements: While their beauty is fleeting, fresh blooms instantly change the vibe in your space. Make it a habit to change them out every week and try to incorporate seasonal varieties. Your officemates will be jealous! Or if you’re not as good with keeping plants alive, artificial succulents or silk flowers offer the same appeal. Plus, you won’t have to worry about watering them.
  • Add a throw pillow: One word: comfort. Afternoon fatigue has a way of setting in and when it does, it’s nice to have a little extra back support. Plus, a throw pillow allows you to introduce some color and patterns to an otherwise stale-looking space.
  • Get artsy: Working long hours at the office means you’re going to need some inspiring, pretty items to keep you energized. For instance, you might choose a variety of sizes of simple, contemporary frames, and fill them with artwork that you love. Bonus points if you buy works from local artists.
  • Have fun with photos: If you’re the type of likes to print photos, this tip might be your jam. Who doesn’t want to reflect on good times every now and then? To that end, you could always pin your favorite photos to your cubicle wall. Or go the extra mile and hang a wire “clothesline” across the top of your workspace and use clothespins to attach your photos. These are easy to change out.
  • Embrace your inner bookworm: Books, especially ones with vibrant spines, can function as décor. But you need to store them the right way. Take a cue from the Pinterest world and buy a pair of cool book ends, or DIY your own. It can be as easy as spray painting some heavy rocks or another weighty item.

These are just a few ideas — the only limit is your own creativity. Have fun with the project and don’t forget to share your designs on social media to inspire others.