Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper

by Lauren Caggiano

The 1990s called and wants its wallpaper back. (Just kidding!) There are so many ways to use wallpaper in your home beyond covering walls. Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas to use this material in home projects large and small and create focal points.


IKEA-Hack-Painted-Billy-Bookcase-with-removable-wallpaper-backing-in-mudroom-This-is-our-BlissBanish boring shelves once and for all! Wallpapering the back of a shelf can bring a subtle pop of color or texture without making it look out of place. Consider giving book shelves, closets, medicine cabinets, china cabinets and media centers some added dimension with wallpaper.


You know that tired-looking side table from college you can’t seem to part with? Instead of donating to Goodwill, why not give it a second chance with a DIY project? Stick the paper smoothly to each surface and seal it with a spray lacquer for good measure. Ta-da….like new again! You can even line the drawers with the same pattern or a different one to keep things interesting.

 Your headboard is another feature that’s perfect for some DIY action. Cover it with a funky pattern that complements your bedding set and your bedroom vibe will be far from ordinary.


Who said art has to be commissioned and out of reach? Get the look of expensive art with this hack. Apply peel and stick wallpaper to a large sheet of cardboard or wood to get the canvas look for less!


A plain lampshade is essentially a blank canvas. Create a conversation piece by applying some wallpaper of your choice. Simply cut the paper to size and apply it using a spray adhesive. What a “bright” idea!

 Ready for spring? Who isn’t, right? Flower pots are another element which can lend themselves to some artistic flair. Give them an upgrade with your pattern of choice.

 Do you like to entertain? Give a boring serving tray some extra flair with this project. Simply cut peel and stick wallpaper to size and stick to it.


Looking for a way to wow guests the moment they set foot in your home? We’ve got you covered. Put wallpaper scraps to good use! Line the stair treads with a pattern that ties the room together. Your stairs are sure to get stares in the best way possible.


They say home is where the hearth is. (Okay, maybe not quite, but you get the idea). Give yours a quick makeover on a budget. This blogger shows you how to transform your fireplace surround with the seasons.

Upcycled Wreathwallpaper-wreath

Arts and crafts calling your name? This project is perfect for a rainy day with the kids. Many wallpaper rolls have intricate floral designs. Make your own version of a floral wreath by cutting out paper flowers and arranging them to form a traditional circular shape. See how this blogger made this concept come to life.

 So don’t toss that wallpaper. Give it a second life with a Pinterest-worthy project and impress your friends and family with your resourcefulness.

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