Best Paint Colors for Your Living Room

by Ashley Wirgau

Who doesn’t have a house project in the works this year? With the increased hours indoors and buckets of pent-up energy, most home owners have at least one remodeling project in process and another in mind. For those ready to tackle the next job, might we suggest taking a look around the living room? It might just be time for a new coat of paint.

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to spruce up your digs is with a pail of paint and a brush, but even though the task itself is simple, choosing a color can be daunting enough to make you quit before you begin. Don’t let the anxiety-inducing selection deter you from your dreams of a freshly painted space. Paint is not a permanent choice, and as such, you can give yourself the freedom to stretch the boundaries a bit. Bold choices can pay off, and when you happen to get it wrong, all it takes is another coat of paint to get it right.

So what are the best paint colors for a living room – that most-used family sanctuary, those walls you will surely be staring at morning after morning, night after night? Well, it all kind of depends on you.

The Trendy Risk Taker

Your motto is “Go big or go home.” You live for taking chances and love to be noticed. You rarely even research the latest trends because you naturally choose them by default.

Sound like you? Then, it’s time to unleash your inner fashionista and be brave. Make a statement with your palette and choose a paint color that is sure to leave an impression. A rich navy complements both your style and the sleek and modern furniture you’re likely to have already lounging in your living room. Deep jewel tones like emerald and citrine do the same. A dark slate or chestnut offers a more neutral canvas upon which to build and both look especially tasteful with a crisp white trim or crown molding.

The Classy Classic

Your home easily moves through decades without feeling dated. You love a good button down and a pair of well-tailored pants. If you’ve found that over the years your style never really goes out of…well…style, then your living room, like the rest of your life, probably already looks flawless.

However, if you are still feeling the urge to update, stick with a palette that complements your seamless sophistication. Grays, tans and ivories are where it’s at when it comes to a classic living and lounging space. Keep the greens and blues to those folks who like having to paint every three years. And yellow? Don’t give it a second thought. It’s not for you. Yellow is a fickle friend and blows in and out of trend faster than your sister’s hair style. Stick to what you know because what you know works. Beige, khaki, off-white and if you’re feeling frisky, maybe a nice early morning fog.

The Earthy Owner

Spend more time in your garden than your house? Do you love bringing the outside in to keep nature close? Do you have plants that actually survive? When it comes to paint colors, try exploring earthy shades to maintain that tranquil vibe you find outdoors even when you head back into your humble abode.

Clay, rust, sage, terracotta, stone – these are your colors. They pair well with a leather-look and the natural materials that are probably found throughout your living space. Keep the aesthetic authentically you by melding the colors of nature to your home’s interior. Behr offers color schemes by mood which is an excellent option for outdoorsy types and Zen Masters alike.

The Ultimately Undecided

Does it take over twenty minutes to decide your lunch order? Have you changed your pet’s name more than once? Always wondering if the paint is prettier in your neighbor’s house?

If you change your mind more than you change your socks, play to your strengths when it comes to the paint game and choose a color that is easy to update. Nearly any shade you have in mind can be dialed down to an easy-to-cover variation. Love a regal ruby but also love to switch things up? Try going with an understated blush instead. Then, in a month when you make up your mind once again, you can easily top it with a completely different choice. While bright or dark colors can be covered, walls tend to need multiple coats or a thick layer of Kilz to properly show the new tone. Make the convenient choice and select a muted version of your first pick to ensure a smooth transition when you ultimately change your mind.

A little paint goes a long way toward making a house a home. Don’t frustrate yourself by painting yourself into a corner. Choose a color scheme that matches your personality and style to ensure that your pandemic project doesn’t turn into a socially distanced disaster.


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