Arlene Isenburg

Arlene Isenburg

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Jul 16.2021

Home Equity Loan vs. Reverse Mortgage

Over the course of homeownership, money may get tight. People lose jobs, seniors live on a fixed income, and of course, we’ve seen how challenging it has...

Jul 1.2021

Firework Safety on Independence Day

Fireworks are a staple of July 4th. The safest way to enjoy them is by going to a professional fireworks display in your neighborhood instead of lighting...

Jun 16.2021

Can You Borrow Money for a Down Payment?

The down payment is often the biggest obstacle to homeownership. Saving enough money can take months or years, keeping you renting even longer. It’s a...

Jun 15.2021

Is it Better to Put a Large Down Payment on a House?

For decades, conventional wisdom told us to make a down payment of at least 20%. But times are changing with the average first-time buyer putting down 6%....

May 24.2021

Potluck Salads That Impress

It’s Memorial Day, and since we’re finally coming out of the pandemic, you know what that means...BARBECUES! It’s been so long since we’ve all socialized,...

May 17.2021

The Impact of Covid-19 on Real Estate

It’s almost summer, and while the temperature outside may not be hot, the housing market sure is. And yet if you are looking for a home, you probably know...

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