8 Outdoor Activities for a Snow Day

By Ashley Wirgau on January, 27 2022
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Ashley Wirgau

The temperatures are dropping and snow has begun to fall, urging many of us indoors to brave the long winter months from the comfort of our homes. It’s understandable. The frigid wind doesn’t send the warmest invitation; however, if you’re finding yourself holed up inside the entire time, you are missing out on all those activities best enjoyed in winter.


For the Sports Nut


Once the ground is frozen and blanketed in snow, outdoor sports like baseball and soccer are sent to bed until spring. That doesn’t put athletes out of options, though. Winter sports like skiing keep bodies in shape while offering a ton of fun - and it isn’t as inaccessible as you might think. There are plenty of affordable ski slopes and even small tow-rope hills available throughout the Northern Atlantic and Midwestern states, and obviously, loads of options to enjoy out West. If you’re looking for more of a resort feel, one of these budget-friendly options might catch your eye.


Cross-country skiing is another route to take as it doesn’t require any elevation and provides an arguably better workout. Once you have purchased your own pair, it can also be a completely cost-free option, as many county parks and nature trails serve as excellent opportunities for Nordic skiing at your leisure. While skiing is likely the most popular winter sport, snowboarding, hockey, ice skating, ice fishing and curling are additional entertaining and exciting ways to spend some time outside this winter.


For the Nature Lover


Sure, it’s cold, but when dressed accordingly (think long underwear, layers, and a good pair of boots) winter is a truly wonderful time to delight in the outdoors. For those wishing to take in nature in all her shimmering glory, try hiking or snow-shoeing this time of year. Many walking trails can still be utilized once the snow flies, so pull on some wool socks and get going.


Should you tire of the same old pathways, find yourself a beach. Few things are more beautiful than the shoreline in winter, but be careful as waterlines can be difficult to discern under snow and ice. Make certain you know where the shore ends and the waves begins or you might hike yourself right underwater.


For those looking to head off the beaten path, find yourself a set of snowshoes. Designed to keep wearers atop the deep snow, a solid set allows nature lovers the chance to wander wherever they want.


For the Adventurer


Fancy a bigger thrill this chilly season? Snowmobiling might be the ticket to a healthy shot of adrenaline. You don’t have to race out and buy your own either. If you live in an area with adequate snowfall, there are bound to be rental options nearby. Some outfitters even provide guides or overnight trips for those looking to spend a weekend away.


If motorized fun isn’t exactly your speed, have you considered transport via canine? Dog-sledding, an often forgotten winter option, is a great way to experience the outdoors. There are numerous opportunities across the United States for personalized tours, and many of these offer a range of choices in duration. Some even let you drive!


For those down to do the work themselves and want to take it up a notch, ice climbing could be the answer. Requiring specialized gear and a good deal of knowledge, ice climbing is winter’s answer to rock climbing for those with the courage to give it a go. There are ice climbing adventures all across the country, but for those looking for a real challenge, Osprey has highlighted five of America’s top spots.


For the Family


Winter is one of the best seasons to get together as a family and play outside. Whether sledding, tubing, or building a snowman, kids of all ages will be happy to join in the freezing festivities. Don’t let yourselves get trapped in the boring old three circles and a carrot routine, though. There are so many creative ways to improve your snowman game. And while your crew is busy building Frosty, there are sure to be a few snowball fights along the way. To warm back up again, construct a cozy bonfire for the family to cuddle around or feed hungry bellies with a winter picnic.


Don’t hide inside all winter long. There is far too much to explore in the wonderland just outside your door. Flex those sports muscles, play alongside the family, or head out on a grand adventure – whatever you choose, it’s sure to be better than watching the snowfall through the window.