Candles create warmth and add a certain welcoming and inviting ambiance to a space without a major investment. And if you’re crafty, you can make your own creations. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1) French Vanilla Coffee Candle

Who doesn’t love the smell of vanilla? When paired with coffee, it’s pretty much heaven on earth. This blogger walks you thru a tutorial. The result is a candle that’s aromatic but won’t give you a headache.

2) Bottle cap candles

This is the ultimate uncycled craft. Take bottle caps, crayons and empty soup cans and transform them into a sweet-smelling conversation piece for any room. Easy peasy!

3) Bird bath candle

This one is sure to pique interest. It would make a great wedding favor or gift for anyone who appreciates such an aesthetic.

4) Flower jar candles

Mason jars have had a moment, and these candles prove just how versatile these containers can be! The beauty of this design is that you can put the lid on and surprise the recipient. They also can be safely be shipped without damaging the topper.

4) Orange peel candle

There’s more to an orange than meets the eye. You’d be surprised how you can transform a fruit into a candle.

5) Pressed herb candle

Forget the artificial scents from store-bought candles. This one brings the natural world into your home. Essential oils are the secret sauce here.

6) Sea and beach inspired candles

Bring the calming spirit of the beach to your home with these candle creations. The he basis of these decorations will be items sourced from the natural world, such as seashells, starfish, and more.

7) Mosquito replant candles

The Midwest’s humidity means bugs are an unfortunate part of summer. These candles, however, can help you keep them at bay. Choose from 12 designs and enjoy time outdoors without the pests.

8) Flower candle

This one is perfect for anyone looking for a spring project. It looks like store-bought quality but will have a special and personal touch.

9) Photo candle

They say a photo is worth a thousand words and this one proves just how powerful an image can be. The hardest part might be selecting the photo.

10) Funfetti candle

This one will instantly transport you back to your childhood. I mean, can you really get enough sprinkles? We think not.

11) Tea-infused candles

Need a moment of zen? We’ve got your back, or at least Martha Stewart does. Ahhh!!

12) Strawberry lemonade candle

We’re pretty sure this is summer in a jar. It’s relatively simply to make and smells like a dream.

13) Ice cream scoop candle

This one was made for sharing on your Insta stories. It’s so cute and of course offers a nice scene, too. Treat yo’self!

These are just a few examples of some of the DIY fun you can have in the world of candle making. If you’re new to the craft, don’t be afraid to experiment. That’s how you get better. So go ahead…eat your heart out!

Lauren Caggiano

Lauren Caggiano

Lauren Caggiano is a Fort Wayne-based copywriter and editor with a nerdy passion for AP Style. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, thrift shopping, fitness and travel. Learn more on her website: