12 Flavorful Salad Recipes That Wow

By Lauren Caggiano on August, 30 2021
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Lauren Caggiano

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The beauty of salads is that they can be a side or the main event. Hearty or light. Or somewhere in between. If you’re in the mood for something leafy and green, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a look at some recipes to inspire you in the kitchen:

 Caesar Salad

There’s something about a Caesar salad that hits the spot. Savory, crunchy, and creamy, this one promises all of the above. The cornbread croutons are the perfect finishing touch.

Strawberry Spinach Salad

This one is a health nut’s dream. Sesame seeds and feta really add another dimension of flavor and texture. You can’t go wrong bringing this to an end-of-summer get-together.

Everyday Salad

As the name implies, this salad is great for a quick and easy dish any night of the week. Though it’s simple, it doesn’t skimp on flavor.

Cobb Salad

This protein-packed recipe will keep you energized through those afternoon meetings.

Taco Salad

Sometimes you want Mexican flavor but don’t want to eat something too heavy. Enter a taco salad. The best part? You can add or subtract from the ingredients depending on your mood and what’s in your pantry.

Asian-Style Cobb

This one is healthy but doesn’t skimp on flavor either. It’s protein-rich, too, which means you’ll feel fuller longer.

Kale Salad with Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

Kale has gotten a lot of love recently, and for good reason. It’s nutritious and versatile. Kale chips, anyone? This recipe, with crumbled goat cheese, makes for a light, meatless Monday meal.

Caprese Avocado Salad

There’s something about a vine-ripe tomato and this one showcases the breadth and depth of this veggie. Combine it with the other recommended ingredients and you have yourself a bouquet of freshness and flavor.

Ahi Tuna Poke Salad with Mango Salad

Need a recipe to impress your friends and family? This one is it! It’s a simple three-ingredient dressing topped with fresh ahi tuna, mango, and avocado on a bed of spring mix.

Grilled Chicken Mango Salad

You might not think a salad could fill you up but think again! This one is fresh, healthy, and flavorful. Sink your teeth into cucumbers, peppers, avocados. Bonus: It has a crazy good dressing that doubles up as a marinade!

Classic Wedge Salad

*Drum roll, please.* This rendition of a classic favorite will leave you satisfied. It’s the essence of perfection. The crunch of iceberg lettuce juxtaposed with the creamy, savory blue cheese dressing is…*chef’s kiss.*

Asparagus Salad with Feta

Your mother told you to eat your veggies, and this one helps in that area. Throw together sauteed asparagus, cooked up in a hot pan for a few minutes. Then spritz with lemon, add that to a bed of greens and sprinkle it with peppery radishes and salty feta cheese. Can you say amazing?! A Dijon mustard dressing tops it off, perfectly balanced with both a tangy and savory element.

As we enter fall, you can find ways to incorporate root vegetables and other seasonal ingredients to keep things interesting. Bon Appetit!