Which Couponing App is Best?

By Courtney Christensen on May, 18 2021
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Courtney Christensen

Years ago, couponing meant searching through the Sunday paper with a pair of scissors and an envelope to store all the clippings. These days, couponing looks a lot different. All you need is a smartphone! With dozens of couponing apps on the market, it can be hard to choose the one you want to use. Here's a list of our favorites and when you should use them.

Grocery Coupons

Some of the most popular couponing apps are the ones you use at the grocery store. These two apps are at the top of the grocery game.

Ibotta - Ibotta isn't your average coupon app. You can earn real cash whenever you go shopping, no matter what you need or why. Unlike most coupon apps, Ibotta lets you grow your savings - shop for essentials at your local grocery store or shop online to treat yourself, and you'll see some cash drop back in your account. * - Access hundreds of offers on the brands you love, making saving money on your groceries effortless. Best of all, you can manage all of your grocery shopping and savings right from your phone. You can even add all your store loyalty cards to this app.

Experiences and Dining Out Coupons

Are you looking for a night out on the town without spending a ton? These apps are great for finding deals on dining out and experiences like laser tag or park admissions.

Groupon - Find great deals on all the best stuff to eat, see and do near you and around the world. Whether you're craving a new restaurant in town or daydreaming about tropical travel,l a daily replenishment of deals delivers all the discounts you like.

RetailMeNot - The award-winning RetailMeNot app makes it easy to save money with over 200,000+ offers for more than 15,000+ brands to choose from. Find deals and special savings on essentials, meals, pick-me-ups, and everything in between.

Prescription Coupons

Medical costs aren't going down, and prescription medications are no different. Take a look at these apps to help you save on your prescriptions!

GoodRx - GoodRx is a free medical app helping millions of Americans save up to 80% on prescription drug costs with an all-in-one Rx pharmacy discount and medication price comparison app. It's accepted in thousands of major pharmacies.

RxSaver - RxSaver lets you search for your prescription drug in seconds and finds you the lowest prices at nearby pharmacies. Whether you have insurance or not, you could be saving on your prescription medications. It's accepted at all major US pharmacies.

Retail Coupons

Many retail stores have their own couponing apps like Target's Cartwheel. But, Rakuten is a great place to look for thousands of other retailers.

Rakuten - Earn Rakuten rewards and save money everywhere you shop. Get the best daily deals, browse 2,500+ stores and earn cashback when you shop.

Target Circle - Plan your next Target run by checking out Target Circle offers, the Weekly Ad, and item availability all in one place. Then, streamline your run with store maps and aisle locations, and scan item barcodes for prices, reviews, and available deals.

Browser Extensions

Don't want to bother clipping coupons? Install a browser extension instead! These apps will cross-check the entire Internet to find the best deals for products you're already shopping for.

Honey - We put our coupon-searching magic to work whenever you shop. At checkout, you'll be able to see and apply the coupons we found. With one click, you can automatically apply the coupons to your cart. Plus, you can even save products for later, and we'll let you know when we detect a price drop.

Pricescout - Pricescout automatically scans over 21,000 stores for lower prices and will let you know who has the lowest price on the item you're viewing. All of Pricescout's coupons are reviewed by our editors, which means you'll spend less time typing in expired codes and get the savings you want.

Earn Rewards

Some apps will offer a reward system in addition to standard couponing savings. Shop at your favorite stores and earn rewards for every dollar you spend.

Drop - Drop is a new kind of rewards program created just for your lifestyle. From your morning coffee to your late-night food delivery, use Drop to earn cash rewards on everything you do. Shop at over 400 brands you love and discover ones you're about to love.

Fetch Rewards - Fetch Rewards is a cashback and gift card earning app that rewards you for the purchase you already make. Just snap pictures of your receipts and watch the gift cards and reward points roll in.

*All app descriptions are pulled from the apps' individual websites. Cashback and reward prizes are subject to these apps' rules and regulations.