The Whole Kit and Caboodle: Fun Posts We Didn’t Know Where Else To Put

Mar 22.2021

Building Confidence in Yourself

It’s been a year – a really long year – the kind of year that zaps your confidence in one fell swoop, and few of us are feeling like ourselves these days....

Mar 10.2021

Benefits of a Weekly Family Meeting

Wow, what a year it’s been! The pandemic brought our culture to a crashing halt and society is just starting to come out of a long hibernation. Although the...

Mar 5.2021

4 Interviewing Skills to Perfect

Maybe you have your eye on a job at another company or you want to try for a promotion internally. Either way, interviewing for a job can be...

Feb 11.2021

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts That Wow

Whether you procrastinated or are lacking inspiration, there’s still time to find a meaningful gift for your Valentine. Here are some last-minute gift ideas...

Feb 10.2021

How to Prevent Break-Ins

Home ownership is all fun and games until someone breaks in and steals your credit cards. Don’t be a target for burglars! There are steps you can take to...

Jan 21.2021

Cozy Craft Projects for Winter

Ah….Old Man Winter. You either love it or hate it. Whatever camp you fall into, you might as well lean into the season. Craft projects are one way to pass...

Nov 30.2020

A Home Spa Day Fit for A Queen or King

Stressed? Overwhelmed? It might be time for a break. This year has done a number on a lot of people’s mental health. That’s why carving out time for...

Nov 16.2020

Best Times of Year for the Best Deals

Everyone knows that Black Friday is America’s time to shop, but with a persistent global pandemic and the resulting social distancing restrictions, those...

Oct 30.2020

How Electric Vehicles are Impacting the Real Estate Industry

Whenever there is an advance in technology that changes the way we live and work, the real estate industry is always affected. It's commonplace now to find...

Aug 28.2020

Giving Back: Back to School Edition

August is back-to-school month across the United States, but because of the global pandemic, there are even more challenges than usual this year. While...

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