Your Money: Helpful Tips for Credit and Personal Finance

Apr 7.2020

What You Need to Know about New Credit

By now, you probably know that not all credit is created equally. New credit is one area that requires some discretion. It’s essential to understand how...

Mar 10.2020

Expenses You Are Forgetting for Your Wedding

Everyone remembers to budget for the big stuff – the food, the venue, the flowers, the dress – but in the giant cloud of excitement surrounding a wedding,...

Feb 18.2020

How to Start Investing

Yes, building wealth from scratch IS possible, especially if you live in America. There are just two steps to the process: Step one, start investing. Step...

Feb 5.2020

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

Your monthly mortgage payment – sometimes it feels like you will be paying it for the rest of your life. For most people, it is the largest debt they owe,...

Jan 24.2020

10 Apps to Help You to Financial Freedom

Budgeting. It's an absolute necessity, but most of us struggle with it on a daily basis. Whether you're living paycheck to paycheck, or find yourself...

Jan 15.2020

How to Prepare for Retirement at a Young Age

Planning for retirement doesn’t exactly top the list when you’re young and still figuring out what you want to be when you grow up. It can even be more...

Jan 9.2020

The 50/30/20 Budget Rule

Budgeting requires discipline, and everyone budgets (or doesn’t) differently. Many budgets require designating a purpose to every dollar, or a lengthy list...

Jan 7.2020

What is Credit and Why Do I Need It?

The term “credit” can be defined as money, goods, or services given with the expectation of future repayment. Typically, credit is offered under specific...

Dec 10.2019

Managing Finances as a Couple

Marriage is hard enough with the mundane stressors of everyday life, but when you throw money into the equation, it can sometimes reach a boiling point....

Nov 29.2019

How to Get Out of Debt Quicker

Do you want to get out of debt? The secret is to change your daily habits. Here are three new practices to start if you're going to get out of debt and...

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