Your Money: Helpful Tips for Credit and Personal Finance

Jan 20.2021

Budgeting For 2021

If 2020 had one lesson, it was to expect the unexpected. As 2021 progresses, many are likely to feel the ongoing, costly effects of the COVID-19 pandemic...

Jan 19.2021

How to Keep Motivated Paying Back Student Loan Debt

In fact, debt is a very tricky thing. It is very easy to borrow money, but very difficult to give it back. However, a student loan is inevitable for most...

Dec 14.2020

Preparing Your Finances For Your Next House

Buying a home is an expensive proposition. Down payments and closing costs can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars — and that doesn’t even...

Nov 3.2020

Investment Risk Levels

Not all investments are created equally. Each opportunity to invest your money comes with a varying mix of risk and potential reward. The keyword here is...

Nov 2.2020

Credit: Length of Credit History

 You’re probably familiar with the C-word: Credit. Your credit score affects your quality of life in ways you might not even realize. For instance, your...

Oct 14.2020

Banks vs. Credit Unions and How to Choose

Got money? Then, you also probably have a long line of financial organizations hoping to hold that money for you, especially during the unpredictable year...

Sep 25.2020

How to Track Your Freelance Business

If you don’t have a business plan, write one. This will take some time, but a solid plan is essential to a successful business. According to the United...

Sep 10.2020

What You Need to Know About Credit Mix

The five components of your credit score: payment history, utilization, length of credit history, new credit, and credit mix, all factor into your credit...

Aug 27.2020

30+ Creative Ways to Save for a Down Payment

Are you ready to buy a house, but are lacking the upfront funds? Saving for a down payment can be rough, but there are plenty of creative ways to save...

Aug 26.2020

What You Need to Know About Credit Utilization

When working to build your credit, it is essential to have a firm grasp of your credit utilization and how it affects your overall score. This portion of...

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