Your Mortgage: Learn How to Purchase, Build or Fix-up Your Dream Home

Mar 29.2021

The Best Way to Search for Homes

With property inventory at a steady low, it is important that prospective home buyers know the very best ways to search for real estate. In our current...

Mar 25.2021

What Credit Score Do You Need for a VA Loan?

The United States Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) is known for the health care it provides to veterans. The VA is a cabinet-level agency of the federal...

Mar 19.2021

Do Mortgage Preapprovals Affect My Credit Score?

Your credit score is one of those big, important financial things they don’t teach you about in school. A high credit score can open the door to your next...

Mar 15.2021

Pros and Cons of a Conventional Loan

Conventional loans can be a great option for homebuyers, but before settling on this particular form of financing, do yourself a favor and comb through the...

Mar 8.2021

What Can I Do If My House Isn’t Selling?

Are you ready to move, but your house isn’t selling? It can be a frustrating place to be, especially if time is a factor in your move. Sometimes, easy fixes...

Mar 2.2021

Affordable Home Renovations 101: Experts You'll Need to Get the Job Done

The home improvement sector in the United States is booming. According to IBIS World, the renovation industry's revenue grew to reach $96.6 billion by 2020....

Mar 2.2021

Should You Make an Extra Mortgage Payment?

Maybe you've owned your home for several months or several years. Either way, you might be curious about how you might fast-track paying off your mortgage....

Feb 27.2021

How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work?

If you are coming up on retirement, you’ve probably been digging in to your finances to determine how smoothly you can cruise off into those sunset years....

Feb 26.2021

What Not To Do After Closing On a House

Home buyers invest a lot of time and discipline in getting to the closing table. Buying a house can be hard work! The moment you turn the key to your new...

Feb 23.2021

How Long Does it Take to Get a Mortgage?

How long does it take to get a mortgage? We get this question all the time – and for a good reason! It's different everywhere, and differences can be found...

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