Your Mortgage: Learn How to Purchase, Build or Fix-up Your Dream Home

Feb 24.2020

When Is It Too Late to Back Out?

Buyer’s remorse is seriously the worst. That 80-inch television was just so dazzlingly clear, magical even, hanging on the Best Buy wall. And 10 percent...

Feb 13.2020

How to Ace the Final Walkthrough

The big day is almost here! If your closing date is coming up soon, your Realtor has probably scheduled a type of showing called the “final walkthrough”....

Feb 10.2020

Explained: Clear to Close

There are many terms and phrases you may hear during the loan process that are either confusing, complicated, or are misunderstood entirely. While a great...

Feb 6.2020

Building Your Dream Home with a New Home Construction Loan

Are you looking into building your dream home? A new construction loan may be the perfect fit for you. These loans cover everything from the land purchase...

Jan 30.2020

How Long Does It Take to Get Approved?

In the age of Amazon Prime and streaming services, we’re used to having our wishes granted within a matter of minutes or days. It seems almost like magic....

Jan 27.2020

What is a Closing Credit?

The topic of today’s blog is closing credits, and not the kind that scroll up the screen after a movie. The type of closing credits fit for a Ruoff blog are...

Jan 22.2020

Explained: What is LTV?

Mortgage acronyms got you down? No worries, future homebuyer. Ruoff is here to help – because, seriously, there are so. many. acronyms.

Jan 21.2020

Celebrating Home

At Ruoff, we believe everyone deserves a home they can be proud of. We want our customers to achieve their homeownership goals, and we help them get there...

Jan 17.2020

The Difference Between Manufactured and Modular Homes

Manufactured homes and modular homes are not created equal – at least not from the perspective of a home lender. Mortgages for manufactured homes have a...

Jan 3.2020

New Year, New Goals

The start of the year is a great time to make resolutions and set goals. At Ruoff Mortgage, we believe that homeownership is a goal that anyone can attain,...

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