Make the Seasonal Switch

by Courtney Christensen

Decorating for our favorite holidays is part of the seasonal fun, but decorating for every single holiday can be difficult and tiring. New festivities occur nearly every month, but most of us don’t have the time or the funds to go all out for every single one. Instead, choosing décor that can be used during multiple holidays or seasons is the way to go. So, instead of changing out outdoor lighting, giant yard decorations, and holiday-specific wall décor, choose some smaller (easier to store and interchange) items to celebrate your favorite seasons.

Throw Pillows and Covers

Possibly the easiest (and cheapest) option to amping up your seasonal décor is to use throw pillows. Whether you look on Amazon, Etsy, or try your hand at DIY, zippered throw pillow covers are your best friend during the holidays. You can easily switch out the covers based on the season (or your mood). Plus, the covers are usually washable, and take up almost no space when it comes to storage.

If covers aren’t your favorite, check your local retail stores for throw pillows. You can usually find them for around $15-$20 each, but they also typically go on sale after the season is over. Think ahead and grab those adorable Halloween pillows on November 1st to put out next year.

Door Mats

Another option that’s easy to DIY is a door mat. Plain door mats can be bought in most home improvement stores or online. With outdoor acrylic paint and a little creativity, you can have a unique door mat to welcome your friends and family into your home. Whether you change out the door mat, or just a layered rug underneath, adding holiday cheer to your front porch can be done for less than $25 all year round.

Not so creative? The same rule applies with door mats as with the throw pillows. Check your local retail stores for their post-season sales. Door mats, more than throw pillows, are usually easier to find based on the season (summer, winter, etc.) instead of specific holidays which means you could purchase ones that last for several months in a row. Whether you buy new or do it yourself, make sure to add a quality sealant to the mat. This should be redone every year and will keep the mat looking newer longer.


Wreaths aren’t usually thought of as a year-round decoration, but that shouldn’t stop you. By using a general branch-and-twig wreath, you can exchange bits and bobs throughout the seasons to make your wreath more festive. For instance, during the spring, add in some silk flowers. In the winter, sparkly bows and strands of red berries. At Halloween? Add in some fake spider web and spiders.

The wreath is a one-time purchase that can be used for years on end. While these can cost some money, it will undoubtedly be worth it ten years down the road when you haven’t needed to buy a new wreath. As long as you keep the wreath solidly secured to your door and avoid letting it fall to the ground every time you close your door, these wreaths tend to be pretty hardy.

Mantel and Shelf Décor

Perhaps the most traditional place to add holiday decorations is your mantel.  There are thousands of decorations made to fit on mantels and shelves, so it won’t be difficult to find them. However, to make these items more usable, find décor that has interchangeable parts. Etsy is full of welcome signs for your home that come with switchable accents based on the nearest holiday or season.

Other options include filling several picture frames with photos from different seasons. When that season approaches, bring the corresponding pictures to the front. You can also create DIY artwork or signs that have two sides. During November, display a thankful message. During December, turn it around for a Christmas song lyric.


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