Laundry Room Organization in 6 Steps

by Courtney Christensen

The laundry room: with its stockpiles of dirty (and clean!) clothes, lost socks, and containers of cleaning supplies – it’s not usually the favorite room in a house. However, with just a little bit of organization, you’ll be able to transform this room into something both beautiful and practical – even if the chore of washing and folding laundry still bores you.

Open Shelving

Functional-Stylish-Small-Laundry-Rooms-02-1-KindesignOne way to add storage without compromising on modern aesthetics is with open shelving. Not only will the shelves provide you with more storage space than a cabinet in the same space, it allows you to get creative with your design. Add stick-on wallpaper or shiplap behind your shelves for an extra cute touch. You can transfer all of your cleaning supplies (like laundry pods and fabric softener) into clear glass containers which automatically make everything look more organized than the garishly colored packaging they came in.

Clothes Rack

3889345a633363a8881a2d36183dd583The absolute worst part of laundry is the folding-it-and-putting-it-away part. Lugging a laundry basket full of clean and newly dried clothes to your bedroom gets tiresome, and also adds wrinkles to your clothing. Although ironing clothes has become somewhat of an outdated practice (a spritz of water and a quick tumble in the dryer works just as well), you don’t want to add wrinkles unnecessarily either. Install a clothes rack near your dryer so you can hang your clothes up as soon as you pull them out of the laundry. No lugging baskets back and forth.

Labeled Baskets

5131e114b3b600218ac15866de638476Want to store something that’s not necessarily aesthetically pleasing or something you want to display to guests? Add baskets to your shelves. You can hide old towels you use for cleaning up nasty spills, extra paper towels, or cleaning supplies like glass or oven cleaner. Instead of piling all of these things on top of each other in your cabinet, you can label baskets so each of them have their own place.

Folding Table

8b3d6d7ef0c3c51ee75ec8a30bcaeb50Who’s dumped clean laundry back into the laundry basket, taken it back to the bedroom, and pulled clothes out of it the rest of the week instead of folding them and putting them away? Just me? Well, adding a folding table to your laundry room will make things go a lot faster. Just like with the clothes rack, a folding table will allow you to fold clothes and match socks as soon as they come out of the dryer. It’s one step closer to putting them away where they belong!

Cart Storage

ef0b94fed8804f86e01bea627b5c1d23Many washer and dryer hookups allow for a small space between the machines. Usually, it’s a wasted space where lost socks and lint fluff hide. Why not use it for something more practical and less messy? A slim cart on wheels will let you store anything you’d like between your washer and dryer with the added benefit of keeping socks out. Dust will still be an issue, but as long as you clean out your lint filter every time you dry clothes, it shouldn’t cause too much trouble.

Lint Container

a6cb8ede6d46704168d19c0950fe55c6Speaking of lint – did you know it’s the number one cause of house fires? Clean out your filter every single time you run a load through the dryer! Not only does it help prevent a fire, but it also helps cut down on the allergens from the lint floating into the air. One way to help with this task is to set aside a place nearby to store lint. A small trashcan with a lid, an empty laundry pod container, or a large tin can will all work to hide the lint away while keeping it trapped. Then, once it’s full, take it to the garbage and dump it out. Keeping a lid on the lint is key, since dust particles can fly around with just the slightest air movement.

 For more ideas, click on any of the photos and get DIY instructions for each project!



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